360 Oncology Patient Portal

360 Oncology Patient Portal

Varian hardware and software technology for radiation treatments is widely used on a global basis. There are more than 7,200 linear accelerators, 3,300 treatment planning sites, and 3,000 ARIA® sites in use worldwide. We continue to innovate and offer products and services that integrate into the complete treatment process, so an entire department can come together for the one common goal: treating cancer.

Compa­ny: Varian Medical Systems
Special­ties: Oncology
Platforms: Web
Practice Target Size:
Active: Yes
Certification: ONC-ATCB EMR Certification
Basic Info: Complete
Dictation Method: Voice
Availability of Tech Support:
Training in Office: No
Training Web Based: No
Training Costs: enquiry@variensofttech.com
Recommended Internet Connection Speed:

Why 360 Oncology Patient Portal?

Advanced Data Security

We design products and solutions to take power away from cancer, and give it back to people. — Kolleen Kennedy, President Varian’s Oncology Systems Business
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