Wellsoft EDIS

An Emergency Department EHR/EMR, Wellsoft EDIS automates processes resulting in increased efficiencies and patient throughput.

QNotes Office EMR

QNotes Office™ is your safe and secure medical records solution. Notes can be created with one of our Portable Solutions like PDQ Touch Notes™ or QuiX™, or by using traditional typing, voice dictation or Easy Reports™. QNotes Office™ is fully HIPAA and Medicare...

Qualifacts CareLogic Enterprise

CareLogic empowers behavioral health and human services providers with tools designed to improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate performance.

PsychConsult Provider by Askesis

With PsychConsult Provider, data flows seamlessly from the initial call and scheduling through to final billing. Throughout the process, clinicians have access to treatment planning integrated with progress notes and diagnostic documentation. This efficiently provides...