Student Health Insurance

If you are a fulltime student between the ages of 17 and 29, student health insurance may be right for you. In fact it may even be required of you. There are several options for student health insurance, you may look for private student health insurance on the open market, or you may opt for the student health insurance plan offered by the institution you are attending. Expect to pay more for private student health insurance of course, but generally these student policies carry greater benefits than those provided by the university.

Whichever you choose, even if your particular school does not require it, student health insurance is a great way to ensure academic success.
Student health insurance typically covers:Regular medical exams
Payments for catastrophic care
And emergency procedures
How do I get a student health insurance quote?

Nowadays it is really simple to get free quotes online. You merely have to provide some simple personal information in a completely secure fashion, to receive a free student health insurance quote.
You may be asked to provide:Weight/Height
Tobacco usage history
Your Address
Phone number
Email address
Date of birth

Today most colleges and universities, require health insurance. The good news is that as such most schools are affiliated with top heath insurance providers, and because of the relatively low-risk involved in this group – rates for student health insurance are generally low.
Private student health insurance is another option. Private student heath insurance is usually purchased by:Those who need a more specific kind of coverage
Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions
Students who are interested in spending a term studying abroad
Or individuals who think that the coverage offered by the college or university does not fulfill their needs.

Private health insurance tends to be a little bit pricier but offers additional benefits that most university health plans do not – for example, dental, vision, and prescription coverage.

Comparing carriers

The easiest way to compare different carriers is online. Using online comparison tools you can quickly see which company offers the best benefits for you needs and budget. When you know your options, the better the chances that you will purchase the health plan with the most benefits at the best rates.

When getting any student health insurance quote, make sure you understand your policy thoroughly before purchasing. If you are unsure about anything that is or is not covered, speak to an agent or your schools benefits advisor.


Most insurance companies do not offer student health insurance to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Exclusions may be made for certain preexisting conditions.

Student health plans are generally available to individuals between the ages of 17 to 29. Depending on the insurance company and state, some other exclusions and requirements must be met in order to obtain student health coverage.

If you are interested in student health coverage do not hesitate to look for more information and obtain a free student health insurance quote online. Remember it is always important to know your options to make an informed decision about health insurance.