Health Insurance for Students

Student health insurance plans are specifically designed for individuals who are currently full-time students. Today almost all colleges and universities require that their student body has health insurance. While most of these institutions offer their own student health plans at an affordable rate, you also have the option to purchase a plan through a third party. Before you make any decision regarding Student Health Coverage, take a look at our frequently asked questions, so you can make an informed choice.

Who is eligible for student health insurance?

College student health insurance is typically offered to students between 17 and 25 years old, but as many older folks are returning to school these days – as long as you can prove your full-time enrollment, you should have no problem getting student health coverage at any age.

If you are an undergraduate student, you should need to carry at least nine credit hours to be considered “full-time”, and eligible for college student health insurance. If you are a graduate student you will need to meet the requirements of your particular institution. If you are a foreign student you may be eligible for a student health plan, as long as you meet all of the guidelines for full time enrollment.

You must be a full-time student for a minimum of 31 days following the effective date of your policy for you to be entitled to covered services.

When can I apply for Student Health Coverage

Student health insurance should be something that you look into when you are choosing an academic institution. As soon as you are accepted or enrolled as an eligible student, you can apply for student health insurance.

What benefits are offered with Student Health Insurance

College student health insurance is like a group health insurance plan, only offered by your school instead of an employer. Student health coverage offers benefits such as regular medical exams and access to the school’s clinic. Student health plans also usually pay at least part of the bill for emergency procedures and catastrophic care. Student health insurance plans not only offer great benefits, they also tend to be a really affordable type of health insurance.

Maternity, psychiatric, mental illness, alcohol, and rehabilitation might be available depending on the state, the particular plan, or Health Insurance Company providing coverage. However understand you will typically pay more in monthly premiums for plans with such additional coverages.

What Are My Options for College Student Health Insurance?

If you are interested in this type of plan, there are many options for you to consider:

  • Most colleges and universities are usually affiliated with health insurance companies who provide students with health plan packages at a low cost. Like any other health insurance plan, the benefits and cost of your package will depend on its coverage terms.
  • Blanket coverage plans are an adequate and affordable student health coverage option for individuals who want to be prepared for any eventuality.
  • Another option to consider is the use of Income-based clinics. You can search for an income-based clinic near the facility you will be attending. Typically these clinics are designed for those who cannot afford any type of student health insurance. The main advantage is that these clinics charge on a “sliding scale” – based on your income. That means for full time students who currently do not have any source of income medical services are provided at low or no-cost.

Does Student Health Plan cover me out of state?

Most insurance companies offer coverage when you are out of state, but not outside of the country (5with the exception of some Canadian locations). In extreme cases, they might offer coverage for you in case of a medical emergency evacuation to the home country or a facility operating within its laws.

When does my Student Health coverage end?

Usually, the coverage of the plan is valid through the last day of the quarter for which you are registered, but this might change among plans. Keep in mind that insurance companies who offer college student health insurance policies typically do not offer coverage beyond your last registered quarter.

Can I add my family to my Student Health Plan?

Student health coverage is specially designed for students only; unfortunately there are no health insurance companies that offer coverage for a spouse or dependent child. However, many insurance companies will offer coverage for a newborn to comply with state requirements.