Short-Term Health Insurance

You know how important health insurance is to protect you and your family from unexpected accidents and illnesses. For those times when you are in transition, there is no need to put yourself or your family at risk. Did you know that health insurance companies offer short-term health insurance quotes?

When to consider short-term health insurance as an option?

There are several “life circumstances” when you should consider shopping for short-term health insurance, for example:

If you are currently in between jobs, on a new job waiting for a medical coverage to kick in, a recent graduate, if you are retired but not yet 65, or if your employer does not offer any type of health insurance, and you have no other options.

Keep in mind that as the name implies short-term health insurance is only a solution for a limited period of time. These policies, also called “Gap Insurance”, are commonly renewable for a total of 36 months, you can always reapply, but there is no guarantee of acceptance.

Are short-term health insurance quotes affordable?

Because of the nature of the policies and benefits offered, short-term heath insurance is one of the most affordable private health coverages you can buy.
Rates do vary from state to state but generally range from $150 to $390 per month. For example, a single male non-smoker under the age of 30 could generally expect to pay at the bottom end of that range. A single female nonsmoker under 30 could pay as little as $140 a month or less. Of course rates increase as you get older and if you smoke. Also, rates depend on the benefits provided, your geographic area, and the amount of “out of pocket” contributions you are willing to make.

Getting short term health insurance quotes

Online is a great way to shop for short-term health insurance quotes. Many websites offer free quotes, and tools to compare rates on short-term health insurance from several major carriers in your area. Simple questions are usually asked to be sure you are given the right short-term health insurance plan to meet your particular needs.

By getting quotes from multiple sources using these online health insurance tools you have a great opportunity to compare the rates and benefits of different short-term health insurance providers side by side. Then you can make an informed and educated decision.


There are several requirements for you to be eligible for short term health insurance:

You must be under age of 65
There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions
You cannot already be covered by another insurance policy
Also understand that short-term health insurance plans can be somewhat more limited in benefits than full term polices. Dental, vision, and maternity coverage, is usually not provided with short- term insurance policies.


Before making any decision, get to know more about the options offered for short-term health insurance that suites your needs.

Whenever possible we recommend that you make your payment directly to the insurance company instead of paying your agent or broker. If you must pay your agent, be sure you get a receipt.

Payments for short-term health insurance can usually be made monthly or in full. You can save money with the “lump sum” if you can afford it, but there is always the option of dividing your quote into monthly payments.