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1 Norton Ave, Oneonta, NY 13820, USA
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Consumer feedback about Aurelia Osborn Fox Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5


this place is terrible and should be shut down...its a shame even calling it a hospital. the service is more like a free clinic, you have to spend hours waiting in the er and god forbid you ask how much longer of a wait your going to have because the receptionist will basically yell at you and treat you like garbage....its like they only have one doctor on shift....I was in such bad pain I was basically screaming in pain and sat there for 3 hours and asked the receptionist how much longer calmly and she raised her voice and told me you'll be here at least 3 more hours before you even get seen and I said I might as well just go home and take aspirin or something and she did not even hesitate to say ill gladly fill your spot with another person before I even got a chance to turn around and said "good go ahead leave" needless to say I will never be going back and if anyone asks me where to go I will tell them go elsewhere I can tell you so much about this place ranging from service to cleanliness I really hope the fire both the receptionists I talked to and hire some people who are more professional and deserving of the positions

Rating: 1 /5

Tori Jordan

Horrible place to work for. I won't go into detail because there to much to say on here. I would rate this place 0 if I could. Staff is horrible, not capable of training new employees. I truly hope this hospital gets it's act together. People are counting on these employees.

Rating: 5 /5

Patricia Feck

Coming from 8 hours out of town, our 2 year old daughter needed medical attention. Very thankful for the caring staff who addressed all concerns and thoroughly assessed and treated our daughter.

Rating: 1 /5

Hannah Olds

I'm not one for angry and negative reviews, but almost a half a year later and I'm still furious just thinking of this place. They were poor in practice, clumsy, gave me a bad diagnosis, and refused to answer any of my questions about it. Instead they responded with "I know it's hard to hear." As if I were a small and stupid child. They took my blood incorrectly and had to do it again, leaving a terrible bruise and soreness for weeks on one arm. If that weren't enough, they ended up losing the blood sample I needed results from in the end. To top it all off, they charged me heavily for the blood work they did completely wrong and then lost. The fee was in the high hundreds of dollars. WITH insurance helping out. I called to explain the unfair bill, and they acted polite on the phone when they finally answered on the tenth try. But in reality, a couple weeks later nothing changed; they only sent me a second reminder and another bill magically came up for almost a hundred dollars on seemingly made up things. I'd sooner suffer weeks of pain than go back to this horrible place. I would recommend the same to anyone.

Rating: 1 /5

Jessica Decker

They suck my mom just went in there this morning and they not letting me or my dad any information about her see if she is staying in there or r they going to transfer her to some where’s alts