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As many people know, getting your medical records (or the records of a loved one) is very difficult. There are over 700 electronic medical record companies, 7000 hospitals, and millions of healthcare providers. Many of these individual systems do not talk to each other and asking for your health data can be next to impossible. It’s not just a technology problem, but a change from how things were done in the past. Before consumers could only accept what the providers and the insurance companies would tell them. With the advent of the “consumerization of healthcare“, we’re starting to see the beginning of this massive and disruptive change.

We set out to make this needlessly complicated medical records retrieval system easier for the consumer. But we uncovered a lot of things along the way, learning more about why people wanted their records and what they wanted to do with the information. We decided to build our business along what we learned, which fell into three main groups:

1) Helping Consumers Get Their Medical Records

The company started as a directory for physicians to get more information about EMR vendors, but quickly shifted to assisting individual consumers in retrieving their own health records. With significant energy and partnerships, we built a highly secure paid service to allow consumers to request their records from any hospital system without being forced to be on hold on the phone or finding a fax machine. We work directly with the hospitals to pull your records from wherever you choose, usually much more quickly than an individual consumer can.

As we firmly believe that this healthcare data belongs in the hands of consumers, we have also identified opportunities for the consumer to do this for themselves at zero or minimal charge. The US government mandates that most EMRs have a consumer portal, but no one can ever remember their long domain names and username and passwords. We have a proprietary database of every patient portal for every hospital in America — the only one of its kind.

2) Helping Consumers Save Money on Healthcare

As we started to aggregate information about why people wanted their medical records, it was clear that finances and money were leading reasons. People wanted to know whether they were being overcharged, what they were being charged for and wanted to know what they had to pay for (vs their insurance company). Did you know that the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in America right now is unpaid medical bills? The reasons are many and complex- but the truth remains that many patients believe that they have the right insurance for their needs, but don’t.

Many patients believe they have the right insurance for their needs, only to find out later that they are underinsured or not covered. We have partnered with hundreds of America’s leading insurance providers across the country to connect informed patients with the right provider at the lowest prices.
We do this across various insurance markets like individual health insurance, medicare supplement plans / Medigap, and new lower cost products like short term health insurance. Our goal is to connect patients with the best coverage for them and uncover opportunities for them to save money through their healthcare journey.

3) Give People Access to High-Quality Tools and Services

Remembering the old adage “health is wealth“, it’s not enough to help people save money. We want to help them get healthier, especially if they can approach the battle armed with the information unlocked from their health data. We have the highest quality content updated on every symptom and condition to help patients get the most out of their health information search. This easy to understand content was produced by multiple US-based physician experts and is continuously updated. We have also wrapped this healthcare information in an innovative search that instantly gives you results — often as quickly as 2 milliseconds!

We built upon the concept of consumerization by connecting consumers to a new breed of healthcare companies (often called DTC or “direct to consumer” because they’re not sold through your doctor or hospital). Whether it’s a cheaper medication provider or a new DNA test, we’re excited to see what the future will bring to patients. It’s this kind of innovation that we believe will increase the quality of healthcare in America and make patients a more engaged and active participant in their own care.

We do this all while trying to build a business model that is sustainable and fair to consumers and our partners. We do not run banner ads on our website as we believe the content should be available without distraction. We do not spam you and are careful to screen our healthcare partners.


Built by an award-winning executive team and advisors from some of the largest companies in healthcare, wellness, and sports, MedicalRecords.com is committed to providing the highest quality digital experience for consumers looking for healthcare information. We are constantly adding new features and working with leading healthcare practitioners to build a leading health information website for consumers.

Thank you for letting us be part of your healthcare journey.