Life Insurance Enterprise Life Insurance Service Offerings Enterprise* has a customized service to help any life insurance provider quickly and efficiently obtain Attending Physician Statements (APS). Our HIPAA certified technology allows us to automate much of the retrieval process and reduce both the cost and time associated with document retrieval. APS retrieval has been Enterprise’s core competency, and today, we continue to provide the best quality APS services possible. Enterprise document retrieval service allows life insurance carriers to:

  • Place and track orders online
  • Receive real-time status updates
  • Review and download digitized records
  • Generate customized real-time reports
  • Avoid canned status notes
  • Utilize online communication tools Enterprise has taken the steps to ensure we meet the needs of all parties involved in the life insurance industry, including insurance carriers, brokers, and independent agents. Enterprise Claims Record Retrieval

The number of claims cases that insurance companies have to deal with has risen significantly in recent years, and medical records are an essential part of many investigations. We have specialized in medical record retrieval, and because of this, our processes are the best in the business. We can obtain medical records for any type of claim, ensuring that you will get the records you need to investigate the claim. Enterprise Claims Record Retrieval benefits include:

  • Industry-leading turnaround time – we get you your records faster than the competition
  • Easy to check the status of a request via our web portal
  • Accuracy and Quality of records – records examined by multiple rounds of Quality Control before they are provided to you
  • Transparency throughout the process – every step is tracked so your due diligence can be easily proven
  • Tools to digitally integrate data – we can digitize your data no matter what format it is in and provide the data back to you via the method you prefer Enterprise advantage can retrieve records for any type of claim.

Types of records we can retrieve include:

  • Medical Records
  • X-rays/Films
  • Pharmacy Records
  • Pathology Reports
  • Medical Examiner Reports
  • Autopsy Reports
  • Coroner Reports
  • Academic Records

If you are burdened with continually retrieving records for your Claims cases, then do not delay – Enterprise is here to eliminate this burden and consistently provide you with the records you need. Enterprise APS Retrieval

One of our core competencies is and always has been APS retrieval. APS retrieval can be a difficult process. It is often not easy to work with healthcare providers to obtain copies of records. Every healthcare provider typically has their own procedures and regulations for storing and releasing medical records making it difficult to understand how to obtain records.
We have learned many tricks and strategies by working with healthcare providers. We document each facility’s policies and procedures, enabling us to obtain medical records as quickly as possible. When you allow Enterprise to handle your APS retrieval, you will receive all of the records you requested in any format you desire.
We have the ability to deliver the records directly to you or to any person you authorize for release. Enterprise has highly trained Certified Field Agents to retrieve medical records. We have Agents working in every state in the country, thus allowing you to order records from any location in the nation.

  1. Submit Order
  2. We Request Your Records
  3. Follow Up
  4. We Scan Your Records
  5. Quality Control
  6. Receive Your Records

At Enterprise, we pride ourselves on our APS retrieval services and strive to exceed customer expectations. Enterprise* guarantees to deliver you exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible, making the usually complicated process of APS retrieval a breeze. Enterprise APS Summaries

Frequently, when APS charts are received, they are a lengthy mess filled with obsolete information. When these charts are passed onto underwriters, much of their time is wasted searching through the records to find the information pertinent to their decisions. In addition to this, the underwriting staff is already overwhelmed by more trial applications and APS orders than ever. Underwriting is a critically important task for insurers, so wouldn’t it make sense to maximize the efficiency of the process? Enterprise’s detailed APS Summaries are a valuable tool for underwriters to locate the relevant information to their underwriting decision. Determining an applicant’s insurability is an arduous task for an underwriter, especially when they have to scavenge through complicated charts to find the documents they need. Our APS summaries eliminate the painstaking search for underwriters by presenting them with relevant information in an organized, professional manner.
Our summaries’ goal is to increase the speed and efficiency of the underwriting process, thus saving insurance companies valuable time and money. Enterprise employs experienced underwriters to produce the highest quality summaries possible. We sort the summaries according to your underwriters’ specific needs and desires to ensure that the summaries are as effective and useful as they can be.
Stop wasting your underwriters’ time and efforts and increase productivity by using APS summaries from Enterprise. Enterprise Chart Sorting

Chart sorting is another tool that Enterprise provides to help make your data more useful and easier to understand. Often, when medical records are received from healthcare facilities, the charts are unorganized messes that are very difficult to work with. These charts filled with obsolete information are an underwriter’s nightmare as they have to spend countless hours digging through charts to find the information pertinent to their underwriting decisions. We eliminate these issues for underwriters by putting together organized charts that are easy for any underwriter to navigate.
Working with medical records has enabled us to perfect our chart sorting process to produce the most effective results. Once we have spoken with the customer and determined what is important to them, we then sort through every page of the records and group similar items to make them easier to locate. We also group all documents in the chart that are considered “junk” to make the charts more comfortable to navigate. Enterprise can sort records chronologically and/or by defined categories that you have requested.
A sorted chart is a great way to help increase the efficiency of the underwriting process. Help your underwriters today by taking advantage of Enterprise’s chart sorting services. Enterprise Chart Indexing and Linking

Chart Indexing and Linking is another helpful tool that can add value to the medical data that you receive. As we have explained, many times when medical records are received from healthcare providers, the charts are completely unorganized and crammed with obsolete information.
We start the process by numbering all pages in the chart. Once numbered, a keyword index is produced that allows the chart reviewer to quickly determine where the different items are located within the chart. We create the index from the sorted material and ensure that it aligns with your preferences. The index will always be easy to read and will detail all relevant keywords. Also, hyperlinks will be added to each page so that you can simply click on a keyword and be taken to the pages it relates to, providing you with quicker and easier accessibility to the information you want.
Chart indexing and linking makes medical record charts much more useful and user-friendly. Suppose this service is used in combination with some other Enterprise medical record services. In that case, you will receive charts that enable you and your underwriters to tackle your work much more efficiently and effectively. Enterprise Medical Canvassing

Insurance fraud is an ongoing and costly issue for insurance providers, with nearly $80 billion worth of fraud committed every year. To protect your company from these massive losses, you must have the ability to review and investigate suspicious medical histories thoroughly.
We canvas all medical facilities, clinics, physician offices, specialists, laboratories, physical therapy clinics, gyms, and pharmacies within a specified radius of the residence or workplace with the ability to extend the search if necessary.
Throughout the years, our professional team has become experts at finding and identifying preexisting conditions that claimants may have failed to disclose.
Our Enterprise Medical Canvassing service provides the following:

  • Verify insured/claimant’s statements about prior medical treatment
  • Verify insured/claimant’s record of treatments and if it falls within the contestable period
  • Determine if the insured/claimant has frequently claimed injuries in the past.
  • Discover any unknown treatment information or referral doctors or facility that was not previously disclosed
  • Information is then provided directly to the client, or we will arrange for the immediate securing of the records if that is requested.

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