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We pride ourselves on focusing on every customer to assure that their need is met. With Medicalrecords.com Enterprise*, we with our healthcare industry partners provide trusted and reliable services to get the health information data you need in a timely and secure manner.

We primarily serve the following markets:

The advantages of working with Medicalrecords.com Enterprise:

  • Three decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies
  • Data retrieval available across the United States
  • Real-time online ordering, statuses, communication, downloading, and highly secure and compliant delivery.
  • Average turnaround time of less than 10 days for record requests
  • Dedicated specialized customer service teams
  • Provider/Custodian contact every 1-3 days during retrieval
  • Encrypted on-site HIPAA compliant scanning software
  • EMR and EHR extraction performed by our partner nationwide network of Certified Field Agents
  • Customized integration, status updates, and reporting
  • Custom built to order service available to address specific customer needs
  • Working relationships with over 425,000 doctors in the United States

Update July 2020: Medicalrecords.com Enterprise helping competitor customers as EMSI Abruptly Shuts Down Operations

On July 3rd, 2020, EMSI, a leading provider of Medical Record Retrieval, Legal and Life Insurance services, officially closed leaving thousands of employees and hundreds of customers in a bind. The company’s website stated that the closure of severely depressed service volumes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden news of EMSI’s closure has put a large volume of APS business at risk with customers stranded; orders frozen in place and waiting to be fulfilled. In light of this, Medicalrecords.com has risen to the call of duty to support critical orders and long term APS business interests. We welcome any business discussion and can help you transition from EMSI with minimal business disruption.

Why Consider Medicalrecords.com Enterprise for Your Legal & Life Insurance APS Business?

We have a customized service to help any life insurance provider quickly and efficiently obtain Attending Physician Statements (APS). Our HIPAA certified technology allows us to automate much of the retrieval process and reduce both the cost and time associated with document retrieval.

The recovery of APS has always been one of our core competences at Medicalrecords.com Enterprise. We provide our customers with the best possible APS services guaranteeing a fast and efficient service that will be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

  • Faster Turnaround – We delivers 50% faster than the competition
  • More Data – We don’t stop until we have all the records
  • Better Value – We offers cost-effective service options

The Medicalrecords.com Enterprise team is the result of a proven process, innovative technology, and an exceptionally dedicated team. The Medicalrecords.com Enterprise staff is highly qualified, constantly trained, and recertified. The systems at Medicalrecords.com Enterprise have been designed with flexibility in mind; allowing for highly customized packages and offerings tailored to our customers’ unique needs. Our approach has set the standard for record retrieval in the industry, and our absolute transparency is unmatched.

Medicalrecords.com Enterprise customers benefit from

  • Pre-negotiated rates & integrations with the leading copy services in the industry
  • No more rejected authorizations, special authorizations are processed right the first time via MedAuth
  • Reducing unnecessary complexity, Medical Record Summaries are available to improve underwriting efficiency
  • Best in class integration via APIs supported by transformative process automation

Medicalrecords.com Enterprise Differentiation

Large national life insurers recognize Medicalrecords.com Enterprise with our partners as one of the most trusted Medical Record Retrieval solutions partner in the space. We are eager to demonstrate the Medicalrecords.com difference.

Medicalrecords.com compared to the now defunct competitor EMSI:

  Medicalrecords.com EMSI
Flexibility of Service Unlimited Customization Select Plans
Communication Weekly – Allocated PM As Needed
Customer Service 24/7 Availability 8×5 Availability
Transparency Weekly Reports Monthly Reports
Time Service < 9 Business Days 12+ Business Days
Integration ACORD API, Order API, FTP and more… FTP
Value Flexible service options & pricing Restrictive Pricing Models
Chart Quality More records… period Less Aggressive

Transition & Recovery from EMSI

We realize that time is everything and that recovery is the first step in building a long-lasting partnership. We are set up to recover and transition your APS work over to us quickly. Medicalrecords.com Enterprise’s white-glove onboarding ensures a frictionless migration of APS retrieval services and successful project outcomes.

Medicalrecords.com Enterprise’s 3-Step transition and recovery process is as follows:

STEP 1 – Transition Planning

A dedicated Medicalrecords.com Enterprise Client Services Manager will help you rapidly identify a short-term service recovery plan and guide you through the service enrollment and provisioning process:

  • Urgent Service Planning & Initiation
  • 1-Day Account Provisioning
  • Communication Strategy
  • Order Prioritization

STEP 2 – Order Recovery

We realize the urgency around recovering and fulfilling outstanding or open orders. Medicalrecords.com Enterprise will work with you to identify and prioritize orders as part of the service initiation. Additional focus and quality assurance will be provided during this critical time:

  • Priority Backlog Fulfillment
  • Service Intervention & Salvage
  • Increased Quality Assurance
  • Daily Reporting

STEP 3 – Ongoing APS Fulfillment

Once urgent orders are fulfilled, Medicalrecords.com Enterprise can take over ongoing APS record retrieval order processing and fulfillment. Customers can transition smoothly into our fully supported and results-driven retrieval services.

  • APS Record Retrieval
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Continuous Service Improvement
  • 24/7 Support

The Medicalrecords.com Enterprise Service Guarantee

At Medicalrecords.com Enterprise, we want your business.

We’ll guarantee that we can meet or exceed EMSI’s (or any other competitor’s) service levels for the first 25 orders or your money back.

Let us win your business.


* Medicalrecords.com Experprise Service is powered by Datafied

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