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Consumer feedback about Avera Flandreau Hospital - Cah

Avera Flandreau Hospital
Reviewed from Google

3 out of 5 stars

Emily Firman Pieper
Emily Firman Pieper

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I've been involved with the hospital as both a patient and visitor. The staff is always courteous and professional. When we've needed care beyond what was available locally, we were transported to Sioux Falls. The level of care is fantastic and I am very thankful to have this resource so near by.

Erin Eiler
Erin Eiler

1 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Unhelpful told me I could get tests done from an out-of-state doctors order in emergency room before I checked in than changed mind after I checked in for emergency visit and decided not to draw blood for the tests, inaccurate statements on medical record made from assumptions and not exactly what I said was a long write up had nothing to do with the medical reasons why I was at the emergency room. Where I live at and why I am here visiting town was the main focus instead of medical concerns. What was dictated about why I am in Flandreau was definitely not true saying that I am here in town to see someone(like a lover) is definitely not the case when I am alone by myself almost the entire time I been here for pregnancy so I am not driving around in the zero degrees and snow while pregnant going to doctors appointments and fixing camper at a local warranty place. 2 lab test requests seem pretty simple but they were never done. It seemed like my medical report was a report of gossip about where I visit, live at and who I am seeing was somewhat inaccurate and private information I did not realize was going to be the main topic reported about instead of my medical issues attended too. I feel sortof harassed as an outsider to this area. Now my baby is dead after refusal of medical care I requested after I checked into emergency room. Its really no ones business to know where I live at on public medical records to be harassed and have my things broken into or stolen more frequently with the more people who can findout where I am at and it is something that definitely seems to happen. Already during short time I been here had my box of mail ripped open at local post office. I guess I am divorced woman now living by myself and now everyone can know where i live at and frequently visit on my publicized medical records to breakin and kill me? This is USA not always safest place? I think people do not need to look at my medical records to findout where i live at or visit unless they donating lots of money to me instead of stealing from me? Terrible healthcare and now miscarried my baby after I was lied to and requested tests were never done and all this irrelevant stuff placed on my records. Maybe a little unnecessary and Inhumane treatment for this type of thing to happen in the USA. Now my baby is dead after this negative prejudice bad attitude towards me in the USA. Murder doesn’t have to always be carried out with a knife or weapon but its still a real thing that can happen. Murder is the collaboration of effort to prevent a baby from being born in the USA.