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420 34th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, USA
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Consumer feedback about Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Wendy Bachelier

I love this hospital very friendly. I had a good experience every time I bring my daughter or myself. Thank you

Rating: 1 /5

Sara Pitts

This hospital has zero regard for their patients' well being. The nurse staff is very friendly and kind but the doctors seem like they came straight out of Requiem for a Dream. The doctors do not listen to your symptoms/complaints, they make up their own symptoms to treat regardless of what you tell them. This means you get extraneous procedures that don't help you at all & needlessly raises the cost. While the underlying problems/issues you came in for are never addressed. I thought the first time was just bad luck, having been twice now the low quality of doctors here seem to be the rule not the exception. Oh and don't expect to spend any less than 6 hours in the emergency room waiting area and that's on a non-busy day. I would defintiely not recommend this ER/hospital to anyone I care about. The doctors' indifference to your needs as a patient is reprehensible. The nurses are the only staff here who give a damn.

Rating: 5 /5

Lori Branum

I'd like to give a great big thank you to ALL the staff at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital! To the nurses Nia, Connie and I wish I could remember all the names they were amazing to me and my husband . Dr Michaels, thank you for being such a good Doctor. Lori Rhodes, you coming by was of course great and appreciated. It was nice to have people around that truly cared. So with that said, thank you Memorial Hospital for all you do.

Rating: 5 /5

Linda Elston

My daughter had her baby here just last month. The delivery staff and rooms wee amazing. The delivery nurse Jennifer was with her every step of the way with coaching and well explained direction. She was able to deliver her baby without loads of medication to move her delivery on and it was an amazing experience- not only because of the birth but also because of the sweet care and concern she and we all there received.

Rating: 1 /5

DeAsia Gonzales

This hospital is a fly trap. I have been waiting for over 12 hours in the cold uncomfortable waiting room with my sick 4 year old and my 2 year old. I was sent here by urgent care because they thought my sons appendix burst. That was at 5pm it is now 5am and we still have not left the this really the kind of treatment we deserve? People come to the ER because they are sick or scared and seeking help and all they do is toss us to the side. Yea we see others are not feeling well either but we are still humans that need help too. If sitting around all day would have solved the problem I wouldn't even have come. I could have done this in the comfort of my house. This place is ridiculous.