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807 S Ponderosa St, Payson, AZ 85541, USA
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Consumer feedback about Banner Payson Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Jane Wilcox

The staff of both the ER, and outpatient services is wonderful. They truly care. I've been reading some of the reviews for ER, and I'm sad because I've experienced excellent care at the ER. Since Banner has taken over, the nursing and doctors are wonderful. Too many people forget there is an Urgent Care for "minor" emergencies. Staff has NEVER been rude to us. NEVER.

Rating: 5 /5

Sharon Grant- Hills

I have been to Banner Payson Hospital... 3 times... in a 4 month period. I have nothing to say about the ER dept. or the ICU... in which I stayed. The staff and doctor's were very compansionate and professional in taking care of me. For only a hospital that has 42 beds in it,.... the staff is sufficient and very caring. I would highly recommend this facility.

Rating: 5 /5

Tula Elliott

My husband had hip replacement surgery at Banner Payson Medical Center. He made the decision to have his surgery locally instead of having it done in the valley. He is very happy with his decision. He had great service starting with the pre-op staff all the way through to the nurses on his floor. We both couldn't ask for a more caring, professional staff. We are lucky to have this facility here.

Rating: 1 /5

M Storm

I spent far too much time on hold. I just wanted to update my address. Never talked with a real person.

Rating: 1 /5

Vickie O

I gave them one star for the mere fact that i could write this review. My issue was a fall with a deep laceration that burst a bursa knee sack. Let me preface this with i always treat nurses with the highest amount of respect for a job that comes with dealing with a lot of grief from people- none of which i gave them; however, this place was terrible. I came in at 1:30 on a Sunday with a moderate amt. of waiting room activitiy. After onky 30 minutes, a room was found and some 4 hours later...a nurse finally came. Another hour, a Dr came... by 6, there were minimal people maybe 2 in the ER. Payson needs to go visit some of their Valley Banner ERs and take a course in running a hospital. The staff are mildly irritated with their own legistics and when asked to take meds, that generally upset my stomach- because i had been without food for so long- was most ridoculous i.e., even the nurse agreed and let me do as needed to get me comfort to take a pull. This visit has actually changed my mind about living full time in this community- big Boooooo for Banner Payson!