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Consumer feedback about Barnes Jewish Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Joanna Vamplew

Truly terrible. Scheduled a procedure that required extensive prep. Appointment was set and received confirmation letter with instructions and arrival time. Spent money on the prep which I started so medication taken without a purpose, couldn’t eat for a day, changed my work schedule, my driver had to loose work time. I’m an oncology patient and has to change an oncology appointment for this procedure. The day prior at 3:15 I receive a phone call reminder of appointment and they changed my tine so due to oncology appointment I can no longer have the procedure. Sarcastically asked if I’d like to reschedule despite having their confirmation paper in my hand. Money, time, stress and physical discomfort because either they screwed up or deliberately changed the time because it worked better for them. I will not now or in the future ever reschedule this procedure. Purely shameful.

Rating: 4 /5

Amanda Riley

This hospital and staff are awesome! The doctors and nurses are wonderful. My sisters surgery was a success. The only issue is that it's 6 pm and still no dinner for my sister. We were told the dinner would be here at 5:30 pm. Overall, the experience is positive, but there needs to be more individualized care. She needs to eat since she had to refrain from eating for over 24 hours before surgery.

Rating: 5 /5


It's kind of confusing to find some of the rooms, but, hey, the good surgeons and nurses at Barnes-Jewish greatly extended my uncle's life, and made him much healthier. The staff here were not only accommodating to him, but also to my family and myself. Parking's a bit pricey, but there are discounts and vouchers in sensible instances. Also, apparently you can bum vouchers off of people who simply don't need them anymore. 5/5: would get heart surgery here.

Rating: 2 /5

terri showers

My mother was here several times from 1996-1997 for cancer treatment. All I'm gonna say is I really wish that I would have taken her somewhere else! Her nurses were all rude except for the nurse she had in the ICU after her 10 hour surgery where they mutilated her! She fell out of her bed one night and when I went to see her the next morning her roommate told me that after my mother fell out of bed she called for the nurse and no one came until hours later! I called the and wad given the run around! I should have sued this place big time for all the stuff they did to my mom but I'm not the suing kind. What goes around comes around for one way or another!

Rating: 1 /5

Tim Raftery

Worst communication system I have ever encountered, many staff were helpful but gave me phone numbers that did not work. All I needed was a person to verify my Doctor's fax for blood work. Called every department nobody knew where my fax went.