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227 reviews

About Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth has served the residents of Tarrant County and the surrounding areas Since 1906. The center is a comprehensive medical center with 538 licensed beds located in the medical district of Fort Worth.
Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center provides a wide range of medical services including cardiology, neuroscience, transplantation, orthopedics, oncology, women’s services, outpatient care, and orthopedics. The hospital serves an average of 195,000 Patients each year.

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(227 reviews)

Christopher Graves

I wrongly took my mother to Baylor when she fell at home and hit her head and broke her neck in November of 2011. They stabilized her and then we had to wait out for a good time before she was treated in the ER. Their ER can be rough. Then she was placed in a room and was improving until they unnecessarily brought in the neurosurgeon who had inserted a shunt into her brain to treat hydrocephalus the year before. That doctor foolishly adjusted her shunt to drain off more fluid. The next morning, my mother lost her ability to speak. She visibly deteriorated throughout the afternoon while they did NOTHING to help her. They were aware of the problems and sat idly by and let her keep deteriorating. Finally, around 6 p.m. they did a scan of her brain and found that she had severe bleeding into her brain. If they had acted sooner, they might have been able to head off the brain damage that sent her into a seven year period of intense, unrelenting suffering. Then to add to her problems, after she had improved in mid-2012, but still debilitated, she contracted pneumonia in a nursing home. The doctor there diagnosed her with pneumonia as did the ER doctor at Baylor. Then we got into a room and the pulmonary specialist got the bright idea that she did not have pneumonia and pulled back her antibiotics (because her white cell count was not elevated). They were idiotically about to release her when she crashed. An alert nurse called the Rapid Response Team and they saved her life. The untreated pneumonia went from a mild case to a life threatening case. She survived, but was severely weakened. The nursing home refused to do anymore therapy with her after she had made significant improvements before her stay at Baylor. While there are nice rooms at Baylor and good nurses, some of their doctors are clearly incompetent. They are also prone to treat the patient minimally and then discharge them prematurely. My mother paid the price for my mistake in taking her to be treated at this hospital that twice violated the most basic rule of practicing medicine: "First, do no harm."

Alyson Lukins

Where do I even start. This is probably the slowest ER I have ever been too! Six hours and counting, I’ve been waiting three of those hours for a CT scan. Open beds on the left side but yet they are only sitting people in chairs in the second waiting room. It’s three am, people are exhausted. They don’t care about your amount of pain or the urgency. Disappointed is an understatement. Will be choosing another facility in the future.

Aisha Kelly

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but usually Baylor is a good hospital to me. But this time, they knew they were keeping me the moment I arrived but I still stayed in the ER for houuuuurrrsss. I get up here at 8pm. Esther was my nurse. She was definitely TRASH!!!!... not attentive, kept coming up missing, I only seen her 3 times in her 12 hour shift. I asked for headache medicine when I get to OB floor at 8:3OPM! I didn’t get medicine for my head until 8 AM when the day shift nurse arrived. I was hungry from 8pm to 8:00am when the day shift nurse brought me crackers & juice to take with the medicine. This is crazy! I’ll never return!

moe assi

Came in last week through the er and got admitted into the hospital for 3 days. Came back today to get my lab results, the process at medical records was quick and simple. Here I am trying to get someone to explain the lab results to me and I keep getting told that they can not discuss these with me? Why not? I was a patient HERE not anywhere else. This is ridiculous, will not be returning here.

tx sexy

Came in with high bp. Head ache and some stroke symptoms. 4 hours later they give me aspirin. 13 hours later still in ER. Now going to monitor my heart. Was told at 1 am had room for me it’s now 435 and still in E R. HAVE Not seen a doctor yet!!! Only a PA.