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Consumer feedback about Brownfield Regional Medical Center

Brandi Jowers
Brandi Jowers

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Ok so i really havent went to brmc gof 2 years bc last time i did they made me leave 2 times and the 3rd time finally seen me ok i hv been sick over a week at this point cant move my blood preesure is about to blow bc im n so much pain n they r likoe ohur back ...duh u made me leave remembe i hv a high pain tolorance and i was literally crawling i was told i hv gas and giving a pain shot ???for gas i told them no please help me im going to die n they kindof laughed and walked off so i ggo home by this time its about 10 days straight im n the floor crying throwinh up 15 times a day so im passed out ftom the shot and woke up by my bf im choking n my sleep on vomit feel worse then ever and tell him i hv to go yo umc i think im dying my exact feelings im seen where im severly dehydrated Temp over 100 and they tell me about an hour away from dieing my gallbladder is more swollen than its cavity and so bad tbey cannot even do emergency surgery. So now i come here again bc my knee is messed up and bends the wrong way they think acl ok but there is no mri machine but there still gnna mk me sit n wait knowing that and they c my leg is so swollen and bruised i ai ask for a brace or something n thdy were rude like u dont need a brace u need a crutch n no we dont have those here the hospital ok and its tge weekend so the pharnacy is closed...i would see a vetinarian befibe i went here

foxy angel07
foxy angel07

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I had been having bad pain in my tooth. I assumed the dental infection was back and that it may be responsible for the following. On 12.01.18 I had Diarrhea and the next day decided to treat it with pepto. It continued no matter what I ate it was pure water. That ended 12.06.18. A few days go by and I am okay. Then 12.08.18 that night my throat was sore. Then I started having a runny nose a bit of a cough, chest burn and pain. I gargled with salt water and used a cough drop.(my nose outside skin is pealing from the amount of time I have been blowing it) I knew I needed and antibiotic. I woke up my throat extremely sore and decided to go in on 12.13.18 to the er. When I went I spoke with the lady and informed her that I had a bad dental infection and proceeded to tell her my symptoms she then ask what my main complaint was so I told her that it is a dental infection gone bad. She asked about insurance and I informed her that I had none (I cannot afford the out of pocket expenses nor the amount they would want up front) She asked again and I said I do not have any she stated any at all and I said nope I cannot afford it. She then informed me about the $50.00 copay and I told my boyfriend I might as well goto Lubbock because I cannot afford that. She said its okay and just put the reason why you cannot pay on there. I get called back into the room and I inform two nurses about what is going on they hook me up to take my blood pressure and my oxygen level and check my throat. All of that takes place during this. I was informed by one of the nurses that if the dr determines this is a clinical visit they will have to have me go there. I told the nurse every clinic wants there money upfront which I cannot do. At that point the other nurse said well how do you plan to pay for an antibiotic? To which I stated I will have to find away wont I. (Last time I had a dental infection the cost of the antibiotic was $4. and some change bear in mind the last infection did not make me sick) So do the math 4. and some change is easier to afford than $50. They asked if my boyfriend could help and I stated no he was unemployed. I told them my expenses (which was none of there business but I did so anyway . I then told them so I should let this get worse to the point of being an er visit before you can help me. (If it would have been ammonia they would have a lawsuit of their hands) Bear in mind they knew I was unsure if the dental infection was causing me to be sick and the nurse who looked at my throat never told me what it looked like. So if it does get worse they and I can find a lawyer they are facing a lawsuit. Then the Dr. and 4 or people came in and he stated he was not a dentist (No but you do no a