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Consumer feedback about Catalina Island Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5


I was visiting Catalina with my boyfriend awhile back, and during our first night I became extremely nauseous to the point where I was vomiting for over half an hour, after just a couple gin and tonics (I knew something was wrong, and that it couldn't have been just the alcohol). It was so bad my boyfriend called for an ambulance. I'll never forget the horrible experience I had with the physician. He shamed me, told me I was a waste of everyone's time, a stupid drunk girl who didn't deserve his attention. When I got back to LA a couple days later, I had to have an emergency surgery for a LIFE THREATENING condition that cost me half an organ and potentially my ability to have children. The doctor misdiagnosed me, wasn't thorough, and humiliated me in front of other staff members. My surgeon in LA said if it had been caught just slightly earlier, a full removal would not have been necessary. This was the worst experience I have ever had, and I am to this day outraged at the way I was treated, and the loss I suffered as I result of this one man. I was sent bills for months, reminding me of this nightmare, even after paying for everything. I highly recommend avoiding this medical facility if possible!

Rating: 3 /5

Jeannette Sumner

Almost always a long wait in the clinic to get in to see a doctor. Never really know who your going to see either. The emergency room gets the job done unless you have something really serious going on then you have to be flown to the mainland.

Rating: 1 /5


BEWARE!!! This hospital charges for services NOT provided! Get documentation on site BEFORE you leave and have witnesses! WARNING: Unnecessary tests done to up the bill! Afterwards impossible to reach person in charge to straighten things out (in my case Annie Garcia). I was accused of being a liar because they charged for a blood test that was never taken since the doctor WAS NOT ABLE to draw my blood. They even provided me with blood results!!!! How can I get results when my blood was NEVER drawn ?!?!? I have no idea who’s blood test I was presented with and I wonder who’s blood results that person received. WHAT A GIANT MESS! Trying to straighten this out and taking off those wrong charges went on for over 7 months. I talked to 3 different people and each one said something else. You almost need to record your conversations because they accuse YOU of lying! I finally opted for email to have everything in writing. When I asked for the email address I was told “confidential information” could NOT be provided!!! WHAT?!?!?! How is a work email confidential! What a waste of time and energy. All that for $155 they wanted me to pay! With such unprofessionalism at a hospital, accusations of being a liar, being provided with someone else’s blood test, overcharging and wrong doing, you would think they waive those charges and apologize. Oh no, this turned into a PERSONAL and EGO driven matter for Ms. Garcia and co. I paid my $155 since I don’t have energy or time for such immature and dirty games… I can’t say it enough: BEWARE!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Paul Zavala

While on a get away on the Island my wife fell and injured her knee . Being in pre-hospital care on the mainland for over 36 years , I was pleasantly surprised at the courtesy and attentiveness of the ER Staff. Although not a 24 hr. Emergency Room , but a standby one (they are not fully staffed 24/7) , My wife was in and out of there in a little over an hour. Although the X-ray Tech and Physician were called in very early on a Saturday Morning, everyone was extremely pleasant She received an X-ray, placed in a knee brace, and prescribed pain meds and was able to complete the rest of her Valentine/Birthday Vacation. Thanks for salvaging our weekend.

Rating: 5 /5

J Foley

Marilyn who works there is my favorite person on the Island. She and her team are truly caring professionals with many years of experience. If I ever get hurt, I hope its in Catalina so the crew at CIMC can take care of me. :-)