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475 Progress Blvd, Siler City, NC 27344, USA
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Consumer feedback about Chatham Hospital Inc

Rating: 4 /5

franky Collins

My visit to Chatham Hospital,was a pleasant visit,I was there for only two hours. My family physician sent me there for a ultrasound of my legs,to see if I had any blood clots, thank God it wasn't. Anyway the two hours I was hear was very professional I hope this helps others make a good decision.i have never been to the ER part of the hospital,so I can't comment on that.

Rating: 5 /5

Ruth Phillips

I saw the other reviews and it alarmed me as that is the closest hospital for me. Only lived here over a year. However, upon going to this hospital twice for different procedures, I have determined that the bad reviews seem unwarranted. Most of the bad reviews are dealing with an ER visit and I assume most are for more minor illnesses vs a serious trauma type. I have been military all my life and know that an ER visit can take hours for something that is minor (once I just wanted them to give me a needle and thread and So I could stitch up my own kid, it was taking forever). ER visits have become walk in clinics for some who don't want to wait until the next day to see a doctor. I think the reception was great, time I got into the doctor was great, and all attendees and nurses were great. So far, no complaints here!

Rating: 1 /5

kimberly anderson

This place is lost. If I bring my sick infant to the hospital for respiratory issues and get put in a room for an hour with out any one even coming to take a medical history then you know a place is screwed up. The nurses violated hippa for two separate patients while we were in triage. The nurses were just hanging out in the nurses station giggling and chatting. We left without being seen after waiting forever. I won't use this horrible place again for emergencies

Rating: 1 /5

Heather Black

This has to be the WORST place I have ever been to. My son come in with a rash and we arrived at 9:00pm and it's now 2:13am and the doctor has yet to come in the room. I will never come here again.

Rating: 1 /5

Gary Staggs

02/17/2017 I never go to the doctor, NEVER!!! The one time I actually needed medical attention and just some basic antibiotics this place kept me there for over 5 hours and never saw a doctor! I was so mad! I just walked out and drove to the hospital in Asheboro. I will be going up there Monday to discuss the experience I had on Friday night/Saturday morning.