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2 St Vincent Cir, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA
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Consumer feedback about Chi-St Vincent Infirmary

Rating: 5 /5

Bobby Altom

On Monday, November 20, I had a cardiac ablation performed by Dr. Tom Wallace at the St. Vincent Infirmary in Little Rock. I simply could not have had a better medical experience. Kim, the receptionist who checked me in, was upbeat and got things off to a good start. Carla, who came to get me, take me to my room and get me ready for the other nurses, was very nice and carefully explained the preparation process. Shannon and Jamie, the nurses who prepared me for the operation itself, were very professional and quick-witted, keeping me as relaxed as possible under the circumstances. Kelly, the operating room nurse put my wife at ease by promising to keep her updated throughout the procedure. (which she did) . . . and, of course, Dr. Wallace, who spent time with my family members prior to the procedure making sure all questions/issues were addressed to their satisfaction. The procedure was successful and I returned home the following day. I simply couldn't be more pleased with the personal and professional care I received.

Rating: 1 /5

Childers Adam

After a one vehicle accident I went into. St. Vincent in order to make sure I did not injure myself more than what I realized. The hospital staff asked my wife for our car insurance information and not envisioning the nightmare that this would become, she gave our car insurance information. I was later notified that a hospital lien had been placed on me for the accident. I was sent a pro-rated bill for a little over $500 because the hospital billing department claimed I had no insurance. Well, then I received a bill for $1100. After contacting Blue Cross and my car insurance, it was determined my car insurance paid $5000 for an ER visit and Blue Cross told me I only owe $291.00 and not to pay more than that. I was in constant contact with St. Vincent billing department and was told my account was on hold until they talked to Blue Cross. The Vice President of claims for Blue Cross contacted St. Vincent and I was told again I only owed $291 for my emergency room visit in which I got no stitches or any other type of procedure done. I did not hear from St Vincent billing department 4 two weeks and received a letter in the mail from a bill collector out of North Carolina and for me that I owed a debt of $1,100 for my emergency room visit. This was after the Vice President of claims for Blue Cross called the billing department and talked with an individual that had placed my account on hold. This has not only been the worst service I've ever experienced from a hospital I would advise everyone to not go to St Vincent due to this experience. I am going to contact the collection agency and the billing department to try and figure out why my account was supposedly on hold, but magically went to a collection agency. This has been a frustrating situation. Especially after receiving a bill for $500 in which the hospital thought I had no insurance. Then they receive $5,000 from my car insurance and then they want another $1,100 from me after collecting on health insurance as well.

Rating: 4 /5

Mike Bertalot

I went in for a triple bypass Nov 6, 2017. 30 days later I'm still alive so the operation went well. Surgeon, Dr. Meadors, was professional as was his staff. 3 Days in ICU Room 10 and staff were top notch in all respects. Room 13 recovery for 2 days and all went well. Food was good and plentiful. No major issues to report.

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Jernigan

Understaffed, slow to respond to calls for help. Waiting room time excessive. Staff seems to suffer from burn out. Most likely caused by poor management. Sad... This use to be the best hospital in Little Rock...

Rating: 3 /5


My sister was in here for a few weeks. She went from one floor, to the icu, then another floor. Before taken in for emergency surgery, she handed Her glasses to a nurse, after that we never saw them again. They were $600.00 and she's disabled and cannot afford another pair for a year, due to insurance. Although everyone has been nice, I feel I'm getting the run around. She was admitted November 25th and coming home today, from rehab. So this is the only complaint we have, Otherwise great hospital.