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2.2 Rating 2.2
484 reviews

To access your medical records from Christus Santa Rosa Hospital after being discharged, you may request copies of the finalized patient record through Health Information Management. You must complete the authorization form in advance to get a copy of your records. Christus Santa Rosa Hospital believes that your health information is personal and keeps records of the care and services delivered at their facilities. They are committed to keeping health information private and respect patient’s confidentiality.

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(484 reviews)

Arturo Gutierrez

What can we say... the best experience ever delivering our baby! The staff is so amazing all the nurses were super nice and kept checking on us... Dr. Dooley and Quezada are the best. We also loved ease of access to the delivery room. We went to this ER 4 times during the pregnancy (different issues) and left every time impressed on how quick things get done and the level of professionalism. Also the cafeteria food is really good 🙂

Paula Diaz

We are so pleased with this hospital. I took my mother in, they immediately took her back, the staff were kind, courteous. They admitted her in to the hospital. The third floor staff were truly God sent! You know who you are! ♥️. They treated us as royalty . The Dr., Nurses, CNA's, Cafeteria staff. Thank you so much for your love, support and concern for mother.. She is now home and living life tending to her garden.. forever thankful and grateful!

Nicole M

I followed my mom in the ambulance because I am her caregiver and she can't speak for herself and can't hear. When I walked in. the person at the front desk would not let me go to the back with my mom. They said that I had to wait until she got a room. So therefore I was not able to get back there to explain why I had her transported. This makes no sense considering that I have always gone back in the past. So now I wait in the waiting room not knowing what's going on. **On a positive note, the staff in the back are great and I know my mom is in good hands. **

Jimmy Rehm

A rating of one star it way to much. This place said they would release my wife on Sunday but forced her to go home on Friday before after surgeon said Sunday. No meds or instructions. She later was forced to see another surgeon to have her mess cleaned up and a wound vac. installed. I would never send my dog to this place again. After writing a letter to them we were told it was referred to higher up but they have yet to respond to anything. Again this place made my wife’s life miserable. Don’t ever go there

John Powell

Great staff, great service. Several doctors confer with each other as a team with their patients. Nurses are highly skilled. They are taking excellent care of my wife.