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455 St Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA
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Consumer feedback about Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Nodiah Brent

I had to go to the emergency room. The service and care were very good though I was frustrated because I left without a diagnosis. On the discharge day, things became less efficient. I couldn't get anyone to discharge me in a timely fashion. I was connected with a billing specialist to contact after I left the hospital who did not return my calls until the third attempt. Billing issues had to be dealt with through separate entities anyway. My requests for itemized bills were not followed up on or if they were, I was never informed. When I called one evening to review prep instructions for a follow up CT scan, it took several attempts to locate someone who could help me. During one of those attempts, I was connected with a nurse who asked in a rude tone of voice "Who are you?" and then, "Where are you calling from?" I felt so rattled by this that I hung up on her. The next nurse I was connected with was knowledgeable and reassuring. My assessment of this hospital is that once you're there, the care is great. But once you're on your way out, there is little cohesion. After your hospital stay, you will have to dig deep to get the responses you need, possibly at a time when you have little energy to spare on telephone goose chasing.

Rating: 4 /5

Terri Zee

As you will read in the reviews, the ER is staffed with P.A.s So if your illness seems very strange to you ask for a DOCTOR. My husband was misdiagnosed - it was close but not accurate. We had to come back two days later, and this time he was in serious condition. Once we were admitted I had no complaints. We too saw people that were taken into the ER before us even though they arrived after we did. I ask the triage nurse about that and he apologized but said he had to intuit who was the sickest. That made sense to me. When you work in ER you must have a calm head so we did wait - and tried to be patient. Again, I have no complaints with the hospital. They were great and my husband got the care he needed.

Rating: 4 /5

melanie Maez

I have come to love our hospital! It is great to see all the new upgrades!! Hospitality is obviously a priority especially in the ER!! BEAUTIFUL COMFORTABLE PLACE!

Rating: 5 /5

LiL Sad Girl

Came to emergency room here due to a 5 hour wait in Espanola. The wait here was only 15 mins. Very friendly and very nice. Asked if we needed a blanket in lobby or anything. Thank you so much to all the Staff! My my daughter feel very comfortable and helped her right away! She loved all the staff! Thank you again!!! God Bless you all!💖

Rating: 5 /5

London B

I have had to go tpick this hospital a few times and have always received good care. Recently they have updated certain things that give patients better, more peaceful care.