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1191 Phelps Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210, USA
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Consumer feedback about Coalinga Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Tony Somohano

Friendly, simple and to the point 👍 , doctor 👨‍⚕️ friendly and hardly any body in the emergency 🚨 witch is very good , no time to wait!!!! Good job guys !!!!

Rating: 2 /5

Maria Campos

The recent trip was pretty average, they did blood work, stool sample and x-rays for my little brother. He didn't checked him throughly and only said he had a viral infection. In mid April 2017, the doctor didn't give him shots for his non-stop fever and nausea since this past Wednesday night. Instead they gave him pills of Tylenol and he had trouble swallowing them. They thought that my little brother was 13 or 14 and that is why they gave him pills but he isn't even a decade old! Other doctors in this hospital would help him feel better right away! The rural health clinic they have is not worth going to either! They diagnosed him with acute pharyngitis and they didn't give him an antibiotic. The nurse that attended my little brother in the rural health clinic seemed like she wanted to be somewhere else. On November 26, 2016, I felt like that Dr. Michelle Thomas misdiagnosed me with a UTI. I feel like I didn't had no symptoms of a UTI. I did like the fact that she was a friendly doctor and she gave me a liquid dose of pink antibiotic in the hospital. I went there with stomach issues not urinary tract issues. The lab area technicians are very friendly, that is the only good thing about this hospital! One of the x-ray workers are very rude.

Rating: 1 /5

User Account

I would give this disgrace of a hospital a minus 100 if I could. I revived my wife and 3 hours later they discharge her!!!! But it gets better.The ambulance took 20 minutes to get here. Instead 2 ignorant Coalinga officers came into our home and just stood over my unresponsive wife and did nothing. Then the pig told us to go to the hospital which we did and for NO reason the hospital told me and my 2 teenage daughters to leave. Then the sorry sack of a pig shows up and makes us walk 5 miles home when he could see I had a hernia the size of a baseball. I wouldn't let these jackasses treat a dog I didn't like. Tim Coltrain

Rating: 1 /5

Nate Belcher

Unethical and shady business practices. Not to be trusted, you've been warned!

Rating: 1 /5

Jessica Villanueva

The staff is rude. The doctor sat outside the room on computer for an hour before my brother was even seen. They have plenty of staff but no one is attending to patients. When you try to get anwsers they simply respond rudely. There needs to be some sort of change. If you have an emergency make the drive to hanford.... it may take longer but the quality of care will be better than here.