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Consumer feedback about Doctors Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Anjali Kristian

One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to. Rude staff, rude doctors, lack of compassion, disorganized, poor medical treatment. My advice- go to any hospital but this one. The nurses are absent or might as well be, I left with no instructions for aftercare, I was put in a bed for almost 4 hours, never saw a doctor until my husband complained loudly. Then we were escorted out by guards because we complained. I am partially paralyzed and my husband is bent at the waist from scoliosis. Big threat. I saw my nurse twice, and when I had a dystonia attack she didn't know what to do and left never to come back. The doctor never examined me after waiting four hours. You could die in this emergency room.

Rating: 1 /5

Crystal Perry

I'm currently 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant I'm due in 2 days!! I'm in so much pain I'm having stomach pains and head aches and even blurred vision I've went into triage 2 times because I got really scared about these symptoms the nurses in there are rude and horrible!! They won't admit me to labor and delivery!! They won't let me talk to a doctor and they don't tell the doctor about my situation..they monitor the baby and every time they say oh baby is fine your getting sent home!!! One nurse even said I had the stomach flu because my stomach was hurting!!! I'm 4cm dilated and they still send me home!!! They won't admit me unless my contractions are 5 minutes apart or if my water breaks which total BS!!! So now I have to wait and sit at home until my water breaks even though I'm in all this pain.

Rating: 2 /5

Greg Smith

E.R. is awful, always a lengthy waitng period because all uninsured in the county go here for a cough. There's no room in the waiting area, lot of subjects waiting for service are either drunk or on drugs, couples fight, kids run around yelling like it's a playground and staff is usually very grumpy and uninterested in your condition. Once you are admitted they do provide great care if you're lucky to get a private room or on the 4th floor. If not you're most likely doubled up with someone you wouldn't trust crossing on the sidewalk. Outside is full of panhandlers and parking is extremely limited. Usually no guards are around. I would only go here as a last resort.

Rating: 1 /5

Claudia peralta

So I come in to the triage because I'm not sure if I'm in labor or not just yet. My due date is a couple of days away but no one is in I'm waiting until some one happens to come by and they say they are in lunch ... I can barely walk at this point and they sent me back to the lobby to check in yet again... So I'm taken to general admitting a little window called registration and they are at lunch as well... Its frustrating that a Hospital can have their staff all at once taking lunch. I'm high risk that's why they sent me here as far as I know. The service high risk or not is inconsiderate for this type of institution... Im scared of delivering here.

Rating: 5 /5

Colleen Gollinger CA

I’ve always been treated very well and the doctors and nurses are totally professional, very caring , and if you have any questions they are there to answer them .