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(517) 364-1000


1215 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912, United States
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Consumer feedback about Edward W Sparrow Hospital

Rating: 1 /5


If you want quality care and privacy DO NOT COME HERE! I can hear them saying my full name and room number outside in the hallway and laughing about me. When I saw the doctor. They told me I had the flu after he looked in my ears and down my throat. I will travel an extra 20 miles to get better service. I’m never coming back here.

Rating: 5 /5

Tyler Schrauben

Staff communicated that they had a management switch that went into affect September 1st. I’ve came here my entire life and I can genuinely say that there is a drastic difference here. The staff was unbelievably welcoming. Nurses and doctor were great. Huge culture shift at Sparrow hospital. Thankful for the new management and team.

Rating: 1 /5

Dawn Treanor

This hospital and it's staff are the most incompetent team I've ever dealt with. Losing orders, scheduling errors, excuse after excuse, placing blame versus being professional enough to say we screwed up and offer a reasonable accommodation. Do not say you understand if you've never been in the patients shoes. Do not negate the patients feelings, provide empathy. There should be much much more of that in the medical field. Someone trusting you with their health and life is something that takes bravery. A person trusted to do that should feel honored and treat a patient as empathetic as possible. That is horrible customer service.Earn their trust back, you let them down!

Rating: 2 /5

Sarah Scott

I went to the ER here because it is not very far from my apartment because i was having pain in my right kidney and i was nauseous. They where super slow and by the time i got a room they moved me to a open room that looked like a waiting room with 20 other people that where sick in reclining chairs. The nurse that was trying to put my IV needle in was not very good she keep digging around in my hand to find my vain and i was like there is something wrong. The nurse said she had a two poke system and that she would let someone else try and next person was much nicer and the drs where nice to. Bad experience

Rating: 4 /5

Tara T

Work closely with this hospital, overall great system. Always ways to improve but I would recommend to anyone who needs local medical attention