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Consumer feedback about Englewood Community Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Karenlinn M

Not impressed. Went with no accurate diagnosis. Then went to Dr with correct diagnosis only days later. They sent me home with NO meds. I had to get those from a Doctor. Fast forward to 2017. Much better and clean. Organized. Much improved!!

Rating: 1 /5

Trina Kauffman

Although it was a nice looking hospital, not only does the staff not have good bedside manner, but they borderline abused my mother. She went in for a diabetic coma, and was treated as if she was on on drugs. Even after they were told that she wasn't, they were rude and continued to treat her as if she was. She has a bruise on her chest from where the doctor pushed so hard on her chest to try and wake her up. I would give negative stars if I could! 😤😤😤 Glad they tranfered her to Sarasota doctors hospital, where she had a much better experience!!

Rating: 5 /5

Laurie Rakestraw

This is Rick, I arrived 2 weeks ago with a cardiac problem, I was very concerned of what quality of care I would receive in this small hospital. I am a retired firefighter and Medic for 32 years from the metro Detroit area and have worked with many hospitals and Doctors. I can not praise this hospital and doctors and nurses enough for the care I received the three days I was there. They treated me like a friend, and my new cardiologist, Dr. Pressman is fantastic. The only problem I had was the alarm on mybed that would not let me go to the bathroom without a nurse, it didn't help that they slipped a stool softener in with my new heart medication. All in all, I give them 99 out of 100.

Rating: 1 /5

Joe C

I went to the Englewood ER while on vacation out of desperation. I had been sick for two weeks and was only getting worse. The Englewood ER was timely, but they ultimately dismissed my sickness as viral and sent me home with no antibiotic. Not even an hour later at home my fever spiked and my situation became clearly worse. I had an urgent care rep from another company come to my house the next day and evaluate me. By this point I was really, really sick and bound to have another terrible night. Within minutes the urgent care practictioner said all my symptoms pointed to needing an antibiotic and gave me an amoxicillin pill on the spot. Within 3-4 hours my symptoms have dramatically improved. Now I am likely facing thousands of dollars in medical bills for this ER visit only for them to send me home to get more and more sick! Thank goodness my wife stepped in and insisted I get another opinion!

Rating: 5 /5

Linda Urbanczyk

My boyfriend was admitted through the ER with acute appendicitis. He was scheduled for surgery, shortly thereafter, with Dr. Lilly. The care and compassion I and my partner received from the staff was above and beyond anything we have experienced. He just recently had back surgery at another hospital, whos care was no where near the care we received from Englewood Hospital! Our nurses..Tess, Yelena, Alli and Michael was above and beyond anything we have experienced thus far! Housekeeping was even so gracious! And the doctors were exceptional! The ER staff was quick to address his illness as well as attentive and caring! I cannot thank them all enough for their sincere compassion they have for their patients! Thank you all so much!! And Dr. Lilly was just the best that you would want from a doctor!