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Consumer feedback about Forest Health Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Nichole Clary

I came to this facility years ago when I started having problems eating and found the opening to my stomach was getting pinched shut. I saw Dr. Nunn and he was great and was in shock how long I had been dealing with this. He said to me, "you need to get scheduled within a few days for surgery. I will even come in on my day off" which I was really pleased with because I was almost not able to even drink liquids. I go to check out and the ladies can't seem to get their computers working or were having troubles so they said they'd call me with a surgery date. Three whole days later, they finally called and said they could get me on the book in 2 weeks. I expressed my concern with my health and told the lady what Dr. Nunn had said and she didn't seem to believe me. I requested she talk to him and call me back, which she did much later. She could now get me in within 5 days, which would still be over a week after my original consult and I was terrified that my stomach would be completely pinched shut after that long but I agreed. Now, for several phone calls about them not accepting my insurance. I was willing to just put it on a credit card and pay for it myself to get the surgery done with Dr. Nunn. After every call, it seemed like there would never be a record of the conversations before so I would have to start my whole story all over and nobody would communicate between staff members. I finally got fed up and canceled, angry with the disorganization and when I commented on how disorganized everything was, the staff admitted it and blamed it on a re-finishing of their lobby. A remodel of the lobby should have no leverage over staff communication. I ended up going to U of M and got in for surgery the next day because I could no longer even drink water. My anger over the situation here dissipated a bit until the other day. Years later, I get a call confirming a procedure I supposedly had scheduled there. I called back right away, confused, as I hadn't had any communication with this place in over 5 years. The receptionist was very confused and I somehow had scheduled a consultation and procedure of some sort even though I hadn't been in or spoken to them. They canceled whatever procedure I had supposedly made and I feel bad for whatever person had really done it and should have been in my place. This sparked my irritation all over again on the disorganization and so I felt compelled to urge others to seek care elsewhere when considering this facility. Again, I loved Dr. Nunn but couldn't deal with the facility.

Rating: 5 /5

Sonya B

I've been a patient on and off here starting with Dr. Taylor nine years ago. I'm now under the care of Dr. DiNick... Everyone has always been professional, sensitive and caring. Dr. Vincent DiNick and his staff are top notch and excel in their positions. Jo has been a staple and smiling face each time. The Center is always clean and great parking

Rating: 5 /5

Tie Cooper

Dr Taylor is awesome I feel so much better august of this year will be two years. My new weight is 159

Rating: 3 /5

Melinda Carnley

Aw Dr. P he's wonderful and kind. I had my bariatric surgery in 2013. I didn't lose a Great deal of weight at first even though I had a terrible time eating I had to have my esophagus stretched twice so I could swallow foods my weight when I started was 289 and now I'm at 145. Years later a size 6-8 from a 26 something I never thought I'd be but I'm not happy like I thought I would be.. I look like a monster with all the hanging skin I have..I'm embarrassed and haven't dated in years because I can't be intimate with anyone thinking that there is no way I'd let anyone see me naked..I've been through cancer and two abusing marriages I finally thought id do something for myself and try to be happy but I don't know what's worse being heavy or thin with skin hanging off me everywhere..I've thought of suicide I look so gross..believe me if I could pay for skin. Removal surgery I'd be. There but I'm a dongle mom of 3 beautiful kids and no extra funds to go to this I just wish for once I could be beautiful and be the person I know I'm meant to be , it's all about money clinics and dr.s do not do anything for free to help someone those tv shows where people get skin surgery and then reveal them beautiful in the end just don't happen to real people...My beautiful 17 yr old daughter is unfortunately over weight and could use surgery but when she sees my body and how I look I think it scares her she says I'm pretty but I know what I look like and I know she's scared that would be her if she choose surgery can I be a positive role model to her all I've been is weak being abused sick w illness and then I lost weight and they all love me .but I'd like to love me once also ...I Can't date won't date I should say so I'll be alone and my kids are almost grown...I went from being abused to having cancer being obese and now a freak...just Wishing I could be beautiful .....

Rating: 5 /5

Sheri Trammell

Dr Washabaugh is truly amazing with a kind heart. He has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain. I would recommend him with great reviews. 😊