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11 Whitehall Rd, Rochester, NH 03867, USA
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Consumer feedback about Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Sandra Griffin

This Review is for their Billing Department Only. Dec 22, 2017 I received a bill for them for services received in March of 2017. WHY did it take more that 9 MONTHS for them to send me a bill? They say they "updated their billing software"..... WOW! Very disappointed in their efficiency. If this is how they take care of their billing - I can only imagine how they take care of their patients. My service was for the Ambulance - that took me to Dover. I have to say that the service provided by the ambulance was Excellent. (5 Stars for them!)

Rating: 1 /5

Steven Wesner

This review is also related to billing. This hospital decided to wait over 7 months to send me a bill, let bills accumulate, and then compounded it into one bill and demanded immediate payment for thousands of dollars. There was no warning given about this situation, and it's absolutely insane. I could've afforded to pay my bills if they rolled out one at a time, preferably on-time, but now that it came all at once and as a single bill, I have a problem. Goodbye Frisbie. Hello Wentworth.

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Turner

This place is absolutely repulsive. Just got back from having my fiancé getting checked for abdominal pain and there is a patient with mental health issues in the room across the hall who clearly has something personal going on in his life. A nurse walks by drops her clipboard on the floor and picks it up bangs the clipboard off her head three times and says " I'm going to end up in that room" and laughs as she walks away. Right in front of the kids room. How unprofessional this place is actually shocks me. As a human being with previous mental health issues this is absolutely disgusting to me and they should not be working there. For someone to take someone's mental health as a joke or to make fun of is absolutely repulsive I suggest you do not go to frisbee hospital for just about anything considering this isn't the first bad experience with nurses. Last time my fiancé was in she pushed the call button they waited a good ten minutes to get to her while she can hear the two nurses talking outside the room going on a rant about the majority of her patients are drug addicts and then finally says that she should probably go check on her patient. This place is a joke and If you would like to be taken seriously I'd go elsewhere.

Rating: 1 /5

Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp

This place is not a good place. If I had the choice between dying a slow, agonizing and brutal death on a filth covered sidewalk on a hot summer day, or, go to this hospital... I would choose the sidewalk. Spent most of the evening in the ER with my daughter. The only person that made any sense or showed any compassion there was the nice lady in the ultrasound dept. We only saw the doctor for about 5 minutes, he smelled like he had been "self medicating" and had no idea what could be wrong with my kid. The nurse that came to the room was rude and had the nerve to get pissy with me because I dared to question the use of morphine on my child after she had already been dosed with 2 other pain killers. There were two people in the hall in hospital uniforms that spent a good 30 minutes laughing and joking about how sketchy the hospital was. And the final icing on the cake was the delusional elderly man that kept stomping around mostly naked (his hospital gown was only tied at the neck and that was all he was wearing) yelling all sorts of things about wars, bills, food and how he was a billionaire. No one did a thing to calm him, contain him.. put some underwear on him... anything. So yeah. You would probably have a better time and better luck pouring bleach in your wounds and consulting with a gypsy healer then going here.

Rating: 5 /5

Lucas Pitkin

I came to get my appendix removed and the nurses were extremely compassionate and helpful. The surgery was very quick and the surgeons did a great job. The nurses all had great moods and were very informing.