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196 North St, Geneva, NY 14456, USA
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Consumer feedback about Geneva General Hospital

Rating: 1 /5


Would not recommend going here for care. Staff is mean, scary, and shady, very unprofessional. If you value your life and your loved ones go elsewhere.

Rating: 1 /5

Brian Driscoll

Arrived at the ER at 7pm. Was told we would see a doctor in a few. Seems a few means a few hours. Doctor came in and gave a diagnosis. We would be staying a night for observation. A nurses would be in with paper work in a few... nurse came in and papers signed then left. New doctor came in and wanted a C scan in a few. Then we were informed we would be heading to a room in a few. Well the night started at 7pm. It is now 245 and we are still in the ER waiting for a few. Terrible place. Boarders on cruel and unusual punishment.

Rating: 1 /5


My dad was taken there by ambulance because of a bad reaction to a medication. One we sat there for 2 hours not one single nurse came in to check on him not once. One came in only after I had to find the nurse call button cuz they didn't give it to him. Waited another 30 mins for the doctor to come in. She said they were going to give him I've fluids and a medication to calm him down so he'd stop pancking.after she left we sat there waiting a hour and half passed and still no one came in too do the iv fluids. We left then they have the nerve to say well some times it's busy then othes. Really cause they were literally just all sitting on their ass at the nurses station gabbing away. WORST ER EVER!!

Rating: 5 /5

Robin Murray

Perfect service!! They listen, they cared, they treated, and I was on the mend and on my way back to school!! I had a migraine headache that induced vomiting and I was a hurting unit!! My mother was 7 hours away! I was on my own, away from my hometown hospital and was scared to death! I have to say the service was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend the hospital and it's excellent staff in the emergency room!! Thank you so much.

Rating: 1 /5

Wanda Cote

This hospital in Geneva, NY worst hospital I have ever been in. First I go in by ambulance and my head hurt so bad from a terrible migraine and the doctor is very snotty, never even introduced himself and just said that if I did not lie on the stretcher correctly then he would not treat me. I guess the fetal position is not lying correctly. I then explained to the doctor what has worked in the past for my migraine headaches, and he has the audacity to say, "well you can not just come In off the streets and start demanding the good drugs." I did not look as if I came in off the streets, I was dressed appropriately with jeans and a sweatshirt. This doctor accused me of medication shopping. I even told him to pull a drug screen. I just wanted the massive headache to stop. Then in all the old movies, there is always a mean and rough battle ax nurse, well she is at this hospital and her name is Mary. They would only give me a mild pain reliever, toradol at this hospital and sent me on my way. Two hours later I ended up in St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, NY and was treated completely different. The proper meds were given to completely get rid of the headache and I was not accused of "medication shopping."