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5 Perryridge Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
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Consumer feedback about Greenwich Hospital Association

Rating: 5 /5

Christian Corpuz

Highly recommended. I am very satisfied and pleased with the kind of service I received from this Hospital. After my inquiry, I was even asked if there is anything else that I can be helped with. As someone who work in health care industry, I will highly recommend this location.

Rating: 1 /5

Ella Pownall-Gray

Appalling experience in the ED. From intake the nurses made me feel small and unheard, like I was being annoying/unreasonable. There was one ER doc on staff the entire night- I asked repeatedly to see her for severe nausea and had to wait 3 hours before I was finally followed up with by a nurse. We went to Greenwich because the labor and delivery floor is supposed to be so good, but am extremely reluctant to give birth there now. The only kindnesses the entire night were from an aide and a security guard. Please, please change

Rating: 1 /5

Let People Know Truth

You can find doctors do drugs in the hallway in Greenwich hospital. People may likely to be fooled by the wanky outlook of this hospital but the truth is the hospital uses business fashion to retain doctors and medical stuffs. The doctors are treated like boss here. All nurses are intimated by the doctors and the hospital management. It's a place only care about bucks. Using hospital as a business to make fast and big bucks. The doctors in this hospital may appear to have nice credentials but they are sub-par. A bunch of losers who deem themselves deserve better life quality without taking their job of being doctors seriously. Don't be fooled by the lobster meals or champagne after any procedures here. If you are able to check the hospital's medical accident records, you will be surprised how beautiful and nice this hospital appears from the outlook.

Rating: 1 /5

Cassandra A

Worst labor experience ever!!!!! Horrible patient education while in labor and did not give accurate information on tour about facility. They don't have wireless fetal monitors. So get ready to be hooked up like a cow ladies!

Rating: 1 /5


I was in an accident were the car collided with a deer. I went to get checked out and when I got admitted in the doctor did not see me until 3.5 hours after I arrived. No one checked on me to see how I was feeling. The nurse was unfriendly. I was having bad pain in my shoulders, neck, lower back, sharp pain and pressure in head, dizzy, nauseous, weakness and swelling of limbs and groaning from the bad pain I was experiencing. The staff was completely unconcerned. No one offered me Advil or tynol for pain. When the doctor finally came he just checked my breathing and that was it, no full exam, no X-rays, no MRI, no CAT scan after being the passenger in the front seat of a car that just collided with a deer on the highway. then they told me to go home. They filled a prescription for muscle relaxers that I had to pick up myself the next day. I would not recommend this hospital anymore to anyone that needs help.