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Consumer feedback about Hartford Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Geoffrey Carlson

Being a local funeral director I am absolutely appalled with the way that Hartford Hospital handles people who have passed away. This is the only hospital where he takes anywhere between 15 hours and 48 hours until I loved one is released to the funeral home so that their family can have the opportunity to see their loved one. After someone has passed away it seems the doctors write them off and could care less about authorizing the death certificate and allowing grieving families to begin to heal. Their “culture of caring“ seems to end at the time someone passes away. Please do your family a favor and do not be a patron of this heartless institution

Rating: 5 /5

Suraj Ekka

All doctors are very experienced and supportive. I was their for two major surgeries which went successful. Very good office staff too. But need to compromise on food as patients are restricted on limited diet. Overall Good experience.

Rating: 4 /5

Ankit Dhaniwala

Our experience with the Labor & Delivery and the Bliss 6 department of the hospital was excellent. The nurses and doctors were extremely polite and experienced as well as helpful throughout our stay. PARKING AND BILLING SUCKS !!!

Rating: 1 /5

shawn boulier

They treat you more like a prisoner than a patient. They're better hospitals in the area never come here.

Rating: 1 /5

hannah omari

This hospital deserves negative stars. This is a horrible hospital to give birth, do not give birth here. If you end up having premature child, or your baby has any other health issues, the baby will end up in their NICU, which is not really their own NICU. The NICU at Hartford Hospital is a completely separate hospital on another floor from the postpartum units. Hartford Hospital misleads when they claim to have their own NICU unit. No, it is Children’s Hospital, just on a completely different floor of Hartford Hospital. So, if your baby ends up in the NICU after you’ve labored and gave birth, expect to travel up and down floors, and wait for the staff to let you pass with your ID card in order to see your baby. If you have a baby in the NICU, they shuffle you from the laboring ward to the women's ward for sick women/cancer patients. They don't even allow you in their postpartum ward and your room will be completely atrocious and have to be shared. The shower was grimy and visibly disgusting, the shade slots had large gaps and the shower had no curtains or door while being in complete view of the bathroom window. The windows were exactly parallel to another building with complete visibility both ways. The staff did not clean rooms for days and the food was completely wretched, despite me telling the hospital multiple times I do not have allergies. The food they gave me was often missing parts of the menu and was incredibly low-caloric and bland food for someone lactating. All of the nurses are useless, and cackle all day and night instead of helping patients. I could hear them laughing from down the corridor as I waited near 20 minutes for them to help me. I was only wheeled up to the NICU hospital once, the rest of the times I was on my own. Because of this, I ended up becoming exhausted with incredibly swollen ankles. I did not meet a single helpful nurse. The NICU is a wholly different story, in another circle of Hell that is. It was incredibly stressful after my baby was born to enter/leave the Children’s hospital to sleep, eat and anything else. The human resources management invaded my privacy while I was struggling to nurse, just to yell at me for using a room. She was appallingly rude, diagnosing my child and telling me my baby was not sick and that I did not deserve the right to sleep in any of their provided rooms for parents. My son was sick, he was premature, underweight, he would not eat, he needed light therapy for jaundice, he was on a CPAP for the first few days of life, and he needed a feeding tube to be nourished, also the mere fact of being in the NICU as a first time mom was horrifying enough. Other staff however would let me stay in the rooms after my discharge from Hartford Hospital. These were just a few of the horrors I had to experience at Hartford Hospital and Children’s Hospital NICU. I faced many more issues with these two hospitals, too long to include in this review. My advice is go to another hospital that has a NICU closer to the postpartum ward. Hartford Hospital does NOT have their own NICU, despite what they mislead some to believe, their NICU is not their own. It is another hospital that is painfully accessible through another floor within Hartford Hospital. NOT their own. Some hospitals have their own NICU central to their postpartum units, to make it easier on the mothers/parents. Do your research; avoid these hellhole hospitals at all costs. Do not have your baby at Hartford Hospital, there are so many hospitals that are much better than this dump of a place. St. Francis Hospital (in Hartford too) has a NICU located only feet away from their postpartum rooms and is a part of their hospital. Recovering mothers will NOT be displaced far from their baby at St. Francis Hospital if in the unfortunate even their baby ends up in the NICU.