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3600 S Highlands Ave, Sebring, FL 33870, USA
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Consumer feedback about Highlands Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

cheri Lermer

It took a Doctor 4 hours to come in and tell me my dad just has an old brain. Last week a NURSE told me he is suffering from Charles Bonnet Syndrome. I looked it up and it’s exactly what my dad was experiencing. Go back to school Doctor and actually listen to your patients! And the staff needs to change their attitude. When someone asks for help stop acting annoyed and do your job! Never again. It will be Florida Hospital or one in Lake Placid. Hell, I’ll drive him to Tampa before I let him go back there.

Rating: 4 /5

Kent Calabrese

One of the better hospitals I've been in. Heart surgery plus other complex procedures were accomplished professionally and without adverse issue. Staff is competent and caring. Food wasn't too bad either. Doctors and Nurses were professional and friendly. Best Hospital in this twin.

Rating: 5 /5

Francisco Martinez

The waiting time is quick in the morning from my experience, The Nurses and Doctors are amazing people just be respectful to them and they will cooperate. My father got Bronchitis and I'm glad he was in good hands.

Rating: 1 /5

Anna A.

I am not welcome at this hospital because of a prior cesarean birth, 9 years ago. The will not allow me a trial of labor. They are putting a high amount of stress and depression on me and stress, emotional and financial, on my family. We have to travel two hours out of town to have the birth we want. They do not have an anesthesiologist onsite 24/7 so I am denied care. I would have to have a repeat cesarean surgery that is not medically necessary. They cannot handle real emergencies. It's a huge doctors office, that is all. I'll have the hospital know that even if I do need a cesarean surgery, due to being over due, I will not go to is hospital. I will still travel out of town to go else where. I will not support a hospital that does not support me.

Rating: 1 /5

Victorian Offner

Lost my husband's drivers license and medical alert bracelet when he was brought to ER and pronounced dead. Did not even ask for Insurance info so they could process the health insurance but was just sending me a bill. The hospital called me the next day after he was pronounced dead asked me how he was after his discharge. When we went to the hospital to try to find his drivers license; we were told they probably threw it away! And, they had several IDs in lost and found! Identify theft would be entirely possible with such poor policy and procedures for all types of IDs. RISK MANAGEMENT desperately needs involvement regarding this HIPPA violation among other violations. In all my years of hospital experience as a patient and professional, this has been the worst ever. The hospital does not deserve a one star rating. This center needs a full audit, survey, or review of policies and procedures.