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Consumer feedback about Homestead Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Cristiane Telocken

1 star is not even the right star... It is definitely 0!! I went there with my 3 months old daughter. She had diarrhea mixed with blood. We waited for 5 hours to be seen!! Yes, 5 hours!! I had to change everything on her every time she pooped because the diaper would just not hold it :-( my husband had to run home to get some more clothing for her. After 5 hours of waiting they finally got us in. By that time she had a rash already for all the poop she did. Back in Boston, the doctor told me she was allergic to milk protein and told me to cut everything... so I did. However, I did eat a cake that didn't say it had milk on it, and I thought that it made her sick. I told the doctor at Baptist Hospital and he told me that is not true... that nothing that I would eat would go to her by breastfeeding her. My husband questioned him, she can drink alcohol and than breastfeed the baby? He said YES!!!! Anyhow... it took them another 3 hours to let us go, and at the end the "doctor" said the results of the exams would come back only on Monday! It was Friday and she had BLOOD on her poop! And he also wrote on the papers that the reason of the visit was the rash!! On Saturday morning there was more blood... we went to Children's Hospital in Miami. They took us in immediately because she was just 3 MONTHS OLD! They did the exams and the results were back in 1 HOUR!!! She had salmonella :-( and could have died!! The doctors think that she got it by having someone touching her with duty hands because she was only on breastfeeding. Anyways, I can not even think what could have happen to her if we didn't go to the Children's Hospital. Don't go there. Drive a little if you can... at the end the ride will be worth it.

Rating: 5 /5

Kim Moorer

Best Hospital I have been to in years. I had Bronchitis. They did all kind of work ups on me. I am allergic to quite a bit. The give me the correct meds. Everyone that I had to see in the different departments we're a 5 star. Very helpful. I highly recommend this emergency room. They have there stuff together...

Rating: 1 /5

Nathan Pounds

This was the worst experience of our lives my wife 34 weeks pregnant with our first child started having pain in her chest at 12 o'clock at 530 we decided to head to the emergency room at 745 we finally talked to a doctor and got she got a bag of fluids. At 0840 the labor and delivery department finally hooked her up to a fetal monitor. Thank God everything was fine. You're definitely better off finding a different ED. We ended up leaving and just calling the OB ourselves

Rating: 1 /5

Daylene Aguero

The process is such a drag. If you seek a long and I mean long time before you die homestead hospital is the place to go. Puedes esperar aqui una eternidad. Just so you're aware, I came in at 2:45pm and it's 9:41pm and I'm still here. I've caught a few nurses texting or doing something on their personal cell phone device, staff chit chatting yet the one thing I found was a lot of staff to assure payment and insurance. Why is this such a drag? Latest update it's 11:57 pm my sodium chloride bag is empty, we've had several nurses go in and out not inning where their patients are. This system is incredibly disorganized.

Rating: 1 /5

Miosotys Alberto

My daughter came in with sever stomach pain it took forever to have a doctor check on her after screaming for hrs. Later it was over 3hrs for them to do the CT requested by the rude doctor that saw her in the ER. Once it was read another couple of hours later they found that the pain was that her stomach was full of blood due to a sist. Now to rush in to surgery then recovery and it is 1:30 am and they say she can't eat till the doctor see her around 7:00am this after they said he would see her like 2hrs ago, that will be at least 24hrs not being able to eat anything. She is in pain and starving and no one wants to check with the doctor nor know why she is not allowed to at least eat a cracker for almost 5 hrs after recovery. The nurses seem annoyed because you call or because you ask for updates. I am sorry but the lack of humanity in this hospital is unbelievable.