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3.8 out of 5 stars

Paula Coyle
Paula Coyle

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been going here since 1998. Finding good care at this place is hit or miss. My former GP recently retired. He was nice enough but left me on pain killers way too long until I was completely non functional. Six years is plenty long to say hey you shouldn’t need this for normal body processes let’s get you to the OB to see what is wrong in there. Instead it was “depression causing your pain” that was pushed on me. He never knew me before the pain became a problem. And yes I was certainly depressed. Because I was constantly in pain! Pain from the week of endometriosis pain and then weeks of withdrawal headaches triggering migraines only to start it all over again the next month. Eventually I said fine send me to a psych because I haven’t been functioning as a normal human being or mother to my small children for a couple years now.

I Went to the psych and she was actually very good. She got me to get an appt with an OB who fixed sone of my pain issues at least temporarily and I was able to drop nearly all my meds for two years and live again. Then pain came back worse and now that OB was gone. I spent 6 weeks in pain every day without it getting better, and talking more pain killers than instructed just to take the edge off. Went to the only other OB they had, he did ultrasound, palpated everything and said it looks fine but he can do surgery if I liked. But I would have to wait a month since he was going on vacation to see his family in India . I said in tears what am I supposed to do for a month? He said take more pain killers. (Note he is no longer with the clinic but out on the east coast somewhere.) instead I went to glencoe and saw their OB who was great and got me in for a hysterectomy in 4 days. He said it looked terrible and was a little surprised that at least some of what was wrong hadn’t been detected by the OB at hutch.

Now ten years later I’m dealing with sleep breathing issues. The sleep tech was great but she was also not from the clinic - she’s someone that comes in from outside to run the tests. Then they farm the test results out to some doc in North Dakota you never meet and can’t further consult. No one will give me the name. Allina equipment is nice enough but little to no help with any of that. Don’t waste your time with hutch sleep testing. Trying to find a sleep center that is good, my new GP basically says she doesn’t know, and I will have to find someone myself. (Though she says it nicer than that)

I also went in for a condition for which my old GP prescribed hormones which worked for two weeks and didn’t work after he says to back off to twice a week. He let me stay on every other day and I told him several times it’s not working. He retired and my new GP also examined me and left things as they were despite me repeating that they weren’t working. So I finally called their new OB and she’s good. She took one look and said I don’t need hormones I need a steroid cream. Guess what. She was right. It’s been something like almost 2 years now, and the damage/scarring can’t be undone, only prevented from further progression.

I’m now in a chronic pain state again from spinal issues and this is interfering with sleep along with breathing / airway issues, and possible MS. My old GP dx me with essential tremor and was sure it had nothing to do with my neck issues. My MRI from 2015 also had a lesion on the spinal cord that was missed until CDI saw it in an MRI this year and my neurologist had someone review the old one. So now I go to the cities and use CDI for my MRI’s, also less than half the cost to my insurance.

I will try changing my GP once more and see how it goes, and then that’s it, I will go somewhere else and file a complaint with my insurance company to see if they can get on this clinic’s case.

I’ve not had a lot of help from their PT’s either. I found an exercise online that fixed my two years battle with tennis elbow, after trying occupational therapy at Hutch.

It might be ok to go here for something simple but anything more complicated I really do not trust them for.

Courtney Robinson
Courtney Robinson

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Only giving one star because I cannot rate zero. This hospital is the most unprofessional hospital i have ever gone too. Not only are the secretarys and nurses incredibly rude, but they cannot stick an IV for the life of them. A nurse i had previously, amanda, stuck me twice got blood all over said she would get an anthesiologist in to do the next sticking, she left and didnt come back for four hours. (mind you i need an IV in to stay hyrdated being as i wasnt allowed to eat or drink any water and im currently 11 weeks pregnant) i was here for a course of two days and was treated like garbage. I was starved for 24 hours and not allowed food "in case of surgery" a surgery they dont have a specialist to preform at this hospital. So i was then transferred to the methodist hospital in minneapolis. Where they told me there was no reason i should have been starved or without water, and told me i was allowed to have clear liquid foods, and my cut off would have to be midnight. They were in just as much disbelief as i. Also, i should note i have a total of 16 puncture wounds on my arms and hands because they claimed i was "a hard stick" even though ive never had any issues with being stuck with a needle before in my life. I got to methodist and they only had to stick me twice and they were able to get it both times in previous places amanda had failed. I would also like to note, 2 nurses tripped on my ivs and ripped them out of my hands causing lots of pain. When i was pregnant with my daughter in 2017, i was in labor and needed an epidural.. the anethesiologist (marty i believe) proceeded to call me a whiner. He then left the needle in my spine and left the room for 30 minutes and told me to sit still because he forgot a part. Mind you i was having contractions and was leaning on my fiance who had an injured knee. I was misdiagnosed with acid reflux do to extreme pain in my upper abdominal and was just recently diagnosed with Choledocholithiasis, for the exact same pain they claimed was acid reflux. In otherwords its a fancy way of saying i had gallstones stuck in a bile duct. They sent me home with a presciption for zantac and didnt do anything else until i was in the ER and transferred me to methodist after and MRI. If you want professional care i do not reccomend coming to this crappy hospital and i sure as heck dont reccomend giving birth in this hospital EVER. Please keep your family safe and go elsewhere. They also didnt clean my bed linens or offered me a shower. they didnt clean my room my entire stay and left the bloody towels and pillows there overnight.

Danielle Vander Ploeg
Danielle Vander Ploeg

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Great providers, excellent service, caring staff. A great asset to our community! Love having urgent care open every day--with little ones there are so many things that come up short notice. Just wish you could get Saturday appointments (non-urgent care) or at least one late weeknight for routine things.

sky warrior
sky warrior

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

The receptionists are very rude and not trained properly. Almost every time I call I have to deal with one with a poor attitude. It almost makes me want to discontinue using this clinic but the doctors are fantastic. That's why I haven't switched.

Malinda Shaw
Malinda Shaw

1 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Truly the most terrible medical facility I have ever visited. Rude staff. Incompetent staff. Left vomit on the chair and floor in lobby for hours with a blanket over it after asking me what I wanted them to do about it in a snarky way. Yelled at my 5 year old when she said she didn't want to stand in front of the xray machine cuz she was so tired and then forcibly moved her in front of it to where i had to step in. Ran hours of tests for respiratory causes cuz she vomitted 11 times in 6 hours...while she contined vomitting without any care or treatment. Was not reapiratory. They actually gave her juice inducing more vomiting. Scheduling staff tell you different things and then cop an attitude with me when I'm trying to understand. It really sucks i have to drive an hour to get acceptable health care.

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