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Consumer feedback about Iu Health Goshen Hospital

Goshen Hospital
Reviewed from Google

3.2 out of 5 stars

Joel Badskey
Joel Badskey

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Don’t be afraid to drive past this hospital to get to the next one... you will probably get taken care of faster and get better communication at the next one anyway. In fact, you might even get home faster even if you have to go another hour or so down the road.
GH’s communication and timeliness throughout my wife’s surgery was awful. At a time when I at my most vulnerable, they left me in the dark. The procedure that I was told would take an hour and a half took almost twice that, and no one bothered to touch base. After that I waited another two and a half hours before I got to see her even though they said it would only be an hour... even then they did a poor job of communicating where I should go.
At one point my wife asked for pain meds. The nurse or assistant left and never returned. We had to ask again 45 minutes later before she finally got some.
The next day when the doctor cleared her to leave it took another 2.5 hours after she cleared her. We asked several times, but we were met with one weak excuse after another. I do not like to complain as I know they may be busy, but I sincerely felt if I had said nothing we would have been there even longer.
I am usually pretty patient, but not when my wife is uncomfortable and we are getting the run around. I feel like GH believes there are no repercussions to giving bad service and communication, but if you have a choice between hospitals, pick the other one.

Rick Hollar
Rick Hollar

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Would give them zero stars if I could. I was in ICU the nurses were rude to my support system. Nurses never gave my wife information about me. My wife showed up early to be able to meet with the dr. And she "just missed" him. She is infact my emergency contact and I was there 4 hours before she even knew I was there and that's only because her and my support system had been calling around looking for me. Myself, my wife and mother had to beg for a "bath",food,some way to clean my teeth all day. Talked to only me as I was sedated and very confused. When my wife complained after 2 days to the house supervisor the following day the nurse defended her attitude and actions to her as if she didnt do those things. My wife was afraid to even come see me because she is my advocate and they made it seem as though if she rocked the boat she wouldnt be allowed back. Theres more but honestly it's a waste of time to try and get better service because they dont care.

Casie Cupp
Casie Cupp

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

By fare the worst hospital I’ve ever been to, while I was pregnant, I started bleeding, went to hospital and dr said I was having a miscarriage and sent me home, no test no ultrasound, nothing, went to dr next day and my baby still had a heart beat and I wasn’t having a miscarriage, I had a placenta abrubtion, i was in a serious accident couple months ago and I was put in hallway not in a room for care, they made me change into a gown in the hallway in front of everyone, people were being put in rooms while I sat on a stretcher half naked in the hall. They didn’t care about my privacy at all. I went there this week with serious pain in my side and they passed it off as a uti and then found out I had cyst rupturing on my ovaries and the dr and nurses were to worried about their shifts ending and getting home instead of caring for their patients, as soon as they find out you don’t have insurance, they don’t care about you, I traveled an hour to have all my babies at a different hospital because goshen is a joke, & I’ll never use them again unless I don’t have a choice.

Cuddle Muffin
Cuddle Muffin

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Our experience at this hospital have been some of the worst I have ever experienced in my life. About 6 months ago my fiance and I have been making frequent trips to Goshen Hospital and ER. She had been suffering from crippling pain in her abdomen and we couldn’t figure out what the problem could be. Our negative experience pretty much started day 1. The nurse staff was split pretty much 50/50. Some of them were nice, understanding and really wanted to make my girlfriend comfortable while we waited for our ‘Doctor”. The others were either cold to us or were rude to her because of her frequent trips to the ER for the pain. After a few months we began to notice a trend. They had pretty much denied half of the tests we had requested and pretty much put all their eggs into a “mental stress” basket. More and more they would bring up her mental health and they even prescribed her to a antidepressant that in turn made her feel more sick. Our experiences wouldn’t stop there of course. They then began to threaten her with no ER care and insisted on her getting a mental evaluation before they would allow her to return to take care of her pain.

3 Doctors, the only name I can remember is Dr. Katharine Withorn would walk into the room before my fiance would even be in the hospital bed and would just stare at her,arms crossed the patience clearly at some sort of wits end. The last time we went to the hospital for care they asked her if she had driven to the ER and because she had, refused to give her anything for her pain, without asking if someone could come pick her up.

So it had been 6 months of torment, nightly pain and confusion over what exactly was happening we decided to drive an hour to Elkheart. After a brief conversation they immediately started on those tests we had been denied and an hour after that, was told exactly what was happening. She had been developing a stone in her Gallbladder, and that night had been given a diagnosis, and informed on how to proceed with it. She is now waiting for a surgery to remove her Gallbladder. Something I wish we could have known about and done something about 6 months ago.

If you had the choice of dealing with your pain for an hour and driving to Elkheart or driving 5 minutes to Goshen, I would suffer every moment of that pain for a quality examination at Elkheart. If the “doctors” in Goshen had it their way, she would have been taking antidepressants and dealing with her pain. Waiting for her Gallbladder to burst and get Sepsis, leading to a potential death. If a 0 star rating were possible, I would give it. Save the few nurses that actually tried to help when the doctors wouldn’t earning them at least 1 star. The long drive is worth it because I still have my fiance with me today.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

To the negligent, rude, borderline-abusive "doctors" at Goshen Hospital ER that blamed me for my own pain ("Anxiety") for the past 6 months:

I NEEDED to go to the ER last night after I had not one, but three particularly severe gallbladder attacks in a row. I managed to drive myself to the hospital at 1am, and was submitted immediately due to the ER being empty. The triage nurse was wonderful, as was the nurse practitioner assigned to me. Both saw my pain, saw that I wanted to die and it all be over, and treated me with love and sympathy.

The doctor, on the other hand, is a doctor that has treated me with disdain and shortness since my first time seeing her. This was maybe the 4th time she'd been assigned to my "care" since this spring when I began having symptoms and going to the ER for them. She usually sweeps in, with a look of complete disdain on her face, leans against the counter, and says with a dead-pan voice "Why're you here?". I told her, with a certain amount of well-earned frustration in my voice, that I finally found out why I'd been in so much pain these past 6 months. I had a large gallstone, and it was causing actual proven excruciating pain.

There was no look of realization on her face in how she'd been approaching me was heartless and wrong of her profession, no look of understanding. Her expression didn't soften, she actually looked if possible less interested. She said, "What are you taking for your pain?". I said "Nothing". She immediately interjected with "Why?" in a rude way. I tried to tell her that I only found out I had the gallstone the night before, and because of the extreme bouts of torture, I'd slept for 16 hours.

When I woke up, the pharmacies were all closed and there was nothing to be done. What could I do? After all, Goshen hospital and my primary care doctor preferred to believe I wasn't actually in any pain. That I was faking because of hypochondria and anxiety. So THEY NEVER GAVE ME ANY PAIN MEDICATION TO TAKE.

And she should have been, to be completely honest, apologizing for misunderstanding me. She should have checked her tone and acted like I was a damn HUMAN BEING. Instead, she left the poor nurse to care for me after she stated "Well, gallbladder pain isn't an emergency." (EXCUSE ME? COME AGAIN?) "I've NEVER heard of a surgeon that would remove a gallbladder just for PAIN." WHAT NOW!? Say that to my grandmother and aunt who suffered ONE attack and immediately had their gallbladders removed the next day, because of their pain. Both have told me, there was no blockage or emergency. But the doctors RECOGNIZED their AGONY and said "this things gotta go NOW" because anyone who's seen someone go through this KNOWS: The pain is an emergency.

I almost snapped back "Is suicide an emergency? Because if you don't stop this pain right now or get me a surgeon, I will kill myself. I can't live with this any longer." Yes folks, that's how excruciating my pain was. And she just turned on her heel and left. After practicing blatant mal-practice by lying to a patient or at the least, not knowing a damn thing of what she was talking about. I have way more to say, but I far exceeded the character limit. Sooo. What canya do?

My advice to anyone who has no choice but to go to this ER around midnight is: If you get a "Doctor Katharine Withorn" assigned to you, kindly ask for a different doctor. Or a nurse practitioner instead. They could do her job better, and with a hell of a lot more compassion.

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