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Consumer feedback about Kaiser Foundation Hosp So Sacramento

Rating: 1 /5

Rob Mead

This is for the eyeglass office. I went in for an earpiece that had broken (the spring alignment failed) on my existing glasses. I was told that duct tape was a good solution (really); which I didn't believe until I got their prices. I am on the Senior Advantage Plan now, but had been on the CalPERS plan (which they never heard of). They wanted $170 just for lenses and $80 for their bargain basement frames; of which I had a selection of about 8 frames to choose from. That didn't include the cost of the eye exam; which at the moment I was too shell shocked to ask about. Turns out us older folk better have a good supply of duct tape.....

Rating: 2 /5

CA Angel916

Wish I could give multiple reviews: Emergency room: No Stars! Horrible! Wouldn't bring my dog there! DOCTORS IN THE HOSPITAL: AWESOME!! DR. SHAH 10 STARS! DR. ROCHA 10 STARS! Unfortunately even they couldn't bring up my review because the emergency room is so horrible!

Rating: 1 /5

Hannah L

I'm not on speaking terms with Kaiser at this time. I switched insurance because of the lack of dignity and care they had for the depressed people at the ER. They took people that were sad and needed help and put them in a mental hospital. Kaiser contracted with a mental hospital that has been fined multiple times for the lack of treating people with the dignifies of being a human beings. They just threw them in there as a lump sum of people that they didn't adequately care for. I spent my whole life with Kaiser but I'm done with them for taking me at a vulnerable position when I was just sad, having no compassion, and wanting to get rid of me out of the hospital, do a bunch of useless procedures, and further aggregate the situation and ruin it more. They could not care less. Critical situation where I'm depressed = Kaiser sending me to a hospital where security guards rip off my clothes. No amount of any talk with take my review off. Thanks. I'm glad my dad works in the health sector for the government everytime they have board meeting he will say something about Kaiser and how they take the easiest road out.

Rating: 1 /5

Marty Catwolf

First I would like to say; Keep all records; make journal be your own advocate if it feels wrong it just may be you may have great intuition! Her is my medical service issue the staff are not!! all bad but this no restaurant it is a medical facility for PAYING customers Rude; insensitive; misinforming; and avoid treating any issue you might have. Kaiser Doctors have little room for advancement due to a salary job as a DR probably not what or her original plan was , I can not figure it out all that schooling to work at Kaiser oops!!! Potentially; Several Kaiser DR's refuse to DIAGNOSE OR treat my car accident injuries and my concerns were explained still no painful injury diagnosis, I was forced to pay cash for medical care I found out from this new med provider my old spine injury had become worse A spine condition Kaiser knows about my preexisting injury but failed to at least! diagnose let alone treat me, so I contacted to the CA STATE OMBUDSMAN and in three way call Kaiser stated SOME NECK SURGERIES ARE NOT COVERED Now does this solve my issue... we now see what the problem for them is. are They admitting something here. as there is no MRI due to Kaisers refusal of cervical MRI see were we are here, I know whats up I am documenting everything. I guess they know I need neck surgery, but now wait few weeks ago a Kaiser Dr stated YOU DO NOT NEED SURGERY and then I went directly to a professional DR and got medical care that diagnosed the NEW injury condition I am faced with . I do know what is kappening SHAME on you I do wish the same events to come in your life Karma my failed medical team at Kaiser brown nose spineless losers in white coats, private practice med care is the answer then you can always get a hold of the DR literally lol. Nationally; 1 in 3 injuries are medical errors

Rating: 5 /5

Esteban Gutierrez

My Aunt just passed away, I thank the team @ Kaiser 4 all the hospitality that they showed my family. Especially Wayne. Thank U