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Consumer feedback about Lafayette Regional Health Center

Rating: 5 /5

Tonya Eaton

I love the outpatient clinic here. They check in staff and nurses are absolutely amazing. I feel like they go above and beyond to make sure patients are taken care of as quickly as possible and are as comfortable as possible. I wish my oncologist, Jaswinder Singh, wouldn't have left the clinic here so I could have all my appointments here.

Rating: 1 /5

Amanda Brooks

HORRIBLE!!!! My appointment was in the outpatient clinic with Dr Dubin. My appointment time was 11:20am and I got there at 11:00am. The reception area and check in was great. ( that is why the one star).,I sat down in the waiting room and was immediately called back and then asked to go back to the waiting room because the room wasn't ready like she was told. I sit there for about 5 minutes and go back. I get back to the room right at 11:20am. Dr Dubin is as loud as he can be talking about his grand daughter while with a patient. Once done there he goes to patient number 2,( he only had 3 patient and I was the 3rd), he is with patient number 2 for about 10 minutes and leaves to talk to his son about a personal experience. You can hear his son ask how things are going and the Dr replies it is slow going.... He talks for about 5 minutes before returning to patient number 2.That patient leaves and I am left being the only patient there. At 12:45pm I hear the Dr say he is going for lunch and the nurses ask what did he do for the patient in room 1( me), he says "Oh I still have one here?" He comes in and hurriedly goes through my papers and sends me for an xray. On my way back to the room he is coming out of the cafeteria and follows me to the room and looks at the xrays and starts me in steroid shots. After he was reminded that I was still there my appointment time was MAYBE another 10minutes. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE hospital and clinic Oh and there were several nurse standing in the hall talking about patients and other Dr's and why this Dr doesn't come there anymore! UM HELLO? You can't talk about those things in front of other patients!!! Train your staff better!!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5


Wonderful facility to have in a small town! Dr. Chandra is great !!

Rating: 1 /5

Eric Villanueva.Lleras

Just horrible. Doctor Patel, and Doctor Hanson are just the worst. Where's the compassion? They treated me so poorly. I am a 37 year old man and they both had me in tears due to the pain.If you don't like your job I suggest you quit working in a hospital and do something else for a living!

Rating: 5 /5

Jeff White

I didn't die.