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975 S Fairmont Ave, Lodi, CA 95240, USA
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Consumer feedback about Lodi Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

A Google User

This hospital has very bad service. Once you get to the reception and register , All very kind and attentive .. But since you register and they pass you to the waiting room, they forget you ..The nurses are just chatting and eating in work area, They do not make their job. They are only looking at the clock, so that the hospital charges more money for the stay. They do not care if you are feeling bad. They only care to be lazy to make more money with the stay of the patients.. There were so many people waiting for medical assistance too, not only me. There were many children 2-6 years old, with fever and other adults who also registered at the same time as me, and also were not attended. More than a hour there waiting to be taken care of. And nobody helped.. Meanwhile, the nurses did not do anything for the children who had a high fever... We were in the wrong place. All because of a bad staff, who do not like to work and do not cares about the health of others, only cares about the money. How sad. And how good that I leaved the hospital, and go to another place and not be attended there by an unprofessional and unserviceable staff

Rating: 1 /5

Steve Bocanegra

Literally as I’m speaking I’ve been in the waiting room 5 hrs now after taking my blood work in the back and having them send me back out to the main waiting. I’ve noticed everyone that came in with me has already been called and left. I asked the nurse kindly as she comes out to call more people (not my name) and she rudely says she’s calling these names! Haaaaa it was just a question. I’m interested to know how long I will wait tonight?

Rating: 5 /5

Linda Marsh

I had fallen on Friday evening didn't think much about it figured I would be fine in the morning. I was not I was in a lot of pain as soon as I got to the ER the check in nursing staff was amazing very helpful and polite and informative. I was rolled to rm 15 my providers Yeh, MD, Michael K were amazing also informative. They all made a very painful experience bareable 😇 Thank you all

Rating: 1 /5

Susan Lea

While the ER and ICU are better, this is a hospital that refuses to hire competent and skilled nurses. The entire place talks trash about patients and are very nasty. There is actually an unofficial club called the "I'd Rather Die than have to Go to that Hospital ever Again". You know there are serious problems when an organization keeps changing its name so you won't know who they are. Millions were raised, and who pocketed that money?

Rating: 3 /5

Suzette Jones

Went in for vertigo. Nurses and staff were great! Kind, compassionate. The Dr on duty, a Dr Dewri came in, looked at my blood pressure, and said that was the cause. He did order a CT scan and that came out clear...sent me home. I called to get into another Dr. Since I wouldn't be able to see my primary until days later...saw Dr. Woodman. Within 10 min he had me diagnosed after doing one simple test...and my blood pressure was way down from what it was in the ER. Dr. Woodman listened! Dr. Dewri is an uncompassionate, heartless joke!