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Consumer feedback about Los Alamitos Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

josh jackson

My mother has been here 3 times and this hospital is consistently awful. Uncaring nurses. They don’t manage pain even though they claim that it is their goal. They never update (also a claimed goal) the patient as to what is happening. All you can do is wait in pain wondering. Its the worst. Will never go here again!

Rating: 2 /5

eddie ponce

I don’t usually review but I felt that they didn’t take the needs of my elderly grandma seriously. Had to tell them multiple times that she was having multiple chest pains. They didn’t really seem to care. They were more preoccupied about shifting than their patients. I understand you want to go home, you can at least fake it to make the families a little less worried. Also guy who had my grandma sign consent forms didn’t accurately state what was on them. Then when I requested a Spanish version so her kids could read what she signed he seemed to be irritated by the request. A Spanish copy is neither a big deal nor that difficult to obtain since most hospitals already have one pre-drafted, so that seemed weird. Anyways I guess I say beware. Not a medical professional but I don’t think their medical knowledge gives them the right to be rude.

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Ditmer

If I could give no stars I would. The hospital failed to provide me with the necessary forms to send to the Veterans Administration to have my case processed for payment by the VA. I called them more than 9 times, wrote them requesting they provide the information to the VA (as requested by the hospital and the VA, but the hospital willfully failed to do), and subsequently visiting the hospital on 3 occasions while in agonizing pain, recuperating from a broken back, where they knowingly gave me the wrong forms. Then, they willingly forward the unpaid bill (because of them) to collections. My only recourse at this point is to take them to court. My opinion is that if you're sick, don't go there. All they concern themselves with is the money. Even my parents quit doing business with them because they charged them for services not rendered, and make them pay to park. In my opinion, they are crooks and deserve to be treated the same manner in which they treat you. They're an embarrassment to the medical community, especially when they value money over a patients welfare.

Rating: 1 /5

Karlee Meadows

I would give zero stars if I could. I went in for emergency care. Emergency room is contracted with my insurance but the ER doctor was not. There is no notification of this situation. I was triaged, asked personal questions and had my blood drawn in the overcrowded waiting room. You would think that would be some sort of violation. I was seen by the doctor for 5 minutes in a hallway with several other patients. I have been battling my $1000 bill for months. This is a horrible way to treat patients. It is shameful that the doctor, hospital and insurance lets this happen.

Rating: 1 /5

Traci Paynter

Posting a low rating due to dr. Norris in urology does not answer questions does not speak with you regarding concerns we were concerned regarding my dad and his catheter his urine was dark and cloudy as well as his tube full of white substance took my dad in to ER who found that his tube was completely filled with growing bacteria have an appointment with Norris and next week to replace tubing and to ask questions as to why this was happening the doctor's visit lasted no longer than 30 seconds he did not want to answer any questions told me to stop yelling at him and walked out my dad informed us that he only does formalities Hi how are you never stepping into the doctor's office and has a nurse changes tube and then leaves found out with new urologist that the tube isn't necessary that dr. Norris has been forcing my dad to wear this catheter for over 3 years for nothing that there's a simple procedure to where my dad can urinate on his own worthless doctor worthless staff do not go here find someone else because you will not receive proper care from a concerned physician whose Duty it is to care for your health or your loved one's health