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4081 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023, USA
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Consumer feedback about Los Angeles Community Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Kimberly Harris

This hospital is horrible, disgusting just filthy. I wouldn't leave a dead dog in this so called hospital! I don't understand how they are still in business. It stinks, nobody can answer any questions they all seem dumbfounded. A family member of mines caught a stool infection after being there for less than a week. They don't have doors everything is so called privacy curtains that are paper thin. When you go into there so called ICU your body is touching bedpans and outdated hospital equipment. It's just ridiculous!! This hospital need to be SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Carlyn Warner

My mother's experience at this hospital was horrible. From the moment of admission to discharge. The staff is very rude, not compassionate and caring. They neglect the patients. The hospital is very filthy, and they cramp the patients 4 to a room. At the point there is no air circulating. My mom has recently passed away and I do blame this place for it. She was neglected. She went in the hospital for fluid in her lungs and legs. They were able to get it out but she was left on life support and to die. The Doctor did not even give me a time frame as to if she will make it. I ended up taking her home on hospice to pass in the peace n comfort of her own home. From one day to the next I saw her health completely deteriote in this so called hospital. They should shut it down or renovate it completely, and place better personnel. Our experience was horrible do not take your loved ones to this place.

Rating: 1 /5

Rosie Guerra

As a facility: Worse please ever! Smell like diarrhea and pee all over the hallway. When it comes to Staff, there is luck of knowledge of what needs to be done, my mom was submitted to the Hospital for an infection ONLY, put on NPO/Nothing by mouth, and no one seems to know why they just say it was Doctor’s orders. 8hrs past still no idea what is going on no news or call from the Doctor. A Surgeon comes to see my mom and he has no idea why or what is schedule to be done hhhhmmmm. He apologizes for the confusion and left. When it comes to the Doctor at this place, he has no sympathy no morals nothing, he came to see her just to tell her that you are dying, when she is alone with no family member to hold her hand, and be there for her, this happens after you have tell the staff her citation and that she dosed know yet, to please don’t say anything. The only thing the Doctor makes sure to do is to tell my mom that she is dying and she has only 4month to live. I understand everyone has the right to know, but this was for us as her children’s to tell her not a Doctor that supposed to treat ONLY her infection, this dentition was make by her Oncologist her Cancer Doctor and her family. Like I say very but place to be in a sensitive situation

Rating: 1 /5

joanna j

You'll never be seen by doctors, so unclean, smells like urine. No one cares about the patience. Screaming,crying patients all day and night.

Rating: 2 /5

Miriam Leon

I hated being there for my hysterectomy because one of the assistant nurses made fun of me for telling her that the doctor said that if he removed my ovaries I was never going to sleep again. She laughed dumbly and asked me where I got that from, and I told her that I didn't get it from anywhere, that the doctor had said that. She shut up right away. But the rest of the staff was really nice and caring. I appreciate very much everything they did for me and I wish them well on all their endeavors.