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Consumer feedback about Mad River Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

sara davis

Just went to get X-Rays from two different doctors-hips and knees. I chose to walk-in instead of schedule an appointment. I left my house (7min drive) at 1:05 and was back in my car at 1:40. Michelle at Admitting was quick, professional but funny--exactly who you want no matter what procedure you are checking in for (I give her 8☆'s). Then, I brought my papers back to Radiology-Again fast and friendly! I sat down to pull out my phone for the wait and hadn't even unlocked my screen before my X-Ray man came to fetch me. He was fantastic as well! Commenting on my Joan Jett concert Tshirt, we talked about how great she was, when I recently was right in front of her as she rocked it. He got my films done in record time and made a suggestion for repositioning me, to save me an extra $hot. The entire experience was excellent and I left the hospital smiling and eager to let the Google world know what a great experience I had! I was run over by a drunk driver in a truck, so I have had many hospital visits since 1995, this was a great one!! Thanks to everyone who helped me today. It was faster than ordering a pizza from Domino's and almost as satisfying.

Rating: 1 /5

Patrice Wilson

Do not trust the emergency room Dr. My husband would be dead today if it wasn't for the V A. He was missed diagnosed. He was flown out of St.Jo's 2 days later. Not for C O P D but a COLLAPSED HEART valve. No stars for the E.R. The hospital itself is great! Wish I could rate them both. The E R is bad, but I have good things to say about Hospital.

Rating: 5 /5

Jonah Taylor

Came to ER very sick and had to stay for three weeks, the staff here took very good care of me and the facility was clean and best of all the food was not aweful. I would come here over st. Joes for the fact that the staff here where much less corporate feeling and more warm and compassionate. Can’t stress enough how wonderful the staff are here, they seemed to all be happy to be working the jobs they had even housekeeping was pleasant. Thank you all.

Rating: 2 /5

Chrystal Johnson

I went in around 3 am due to puking and intense gut pain. Around 4, i was given 2 shots of morhpine to help with the pain. I was NEVER asked if I had any issues with it or even what kind of pain killers I've used in the past. I hate taking pain killers as my body hurts for a reason, best to figure out why. So the strongest pain killer I have ever taken at that point was a normal strength Advil. So it's only until after the fact that I figured out that the reason the heart monitor machine was screeching every time I started to drift asleep was because my blood pressure plummeted and stayed like that. They had me drink a liquid so that they could do a cat scan, even though I couldn't even keep water down. I was told it would be alright, just try my best. So I did and was quite proud of myself, but when the lady who was to run the scans showed up, I puked then and there. She was utterly disgusted with me which was understandable because she did see me just puke. I apologized on the spot and tried explaining why it happened and that I tried my best, but she wheeled me away to where the machine was, not really saying much. The alternative was to use the iv to get the fluids in me. I've administered an iv to my dad before and so I know how it's supposed to go. Instead of easing the fluid in, she pressed as hard as she could to rush the process along, even though I told her it felt horrible. She told me that I needed to be absolutely still in the machine or we would have to do it again. Being as still as I could, it only took one round of scans before I was wheeled back to where I had spent the last few hours. After numerous tests, they figured out my gallbladder was a traitor and had to go asap. So by 8:30 am, they were wheeling me into surgery. The surgery presumably went well? I'm here, so that's something. Two days of hospitalization go by without any food or water. When I asked about getting just a sip of water, I was told by nurses that it wasn't needed because that's why I had the iv. I could have some paste to moisten my mouth or if I was good, I could get a few ice chips. When I asked if I could have some Advil for the pain in my gut, I was told no. The pain was just due to leftover gas in my gut from the surgery and I just needed to fart and it would be fine. When asking about food, I was told because my gut wasn't making sounds, I wasn't allowed to. Why don't I walk around, that'll help. So, weak as I was, every few hours, I'd walk around the hospital in a hospital gown, leaning on an iv stand as the iv is still in my arm. Nevermind the fact that I had four incisions on the outside of my belly and at least another two inside me. Not to mention constantly being awoken to have my bodily stats checked, so that also very much sucked. The third day, I was brought food. Even though I told them I was lactose intolerant, they kept trying to give me coffee (even though I'm sensitive to caffeine), creamer for said coffee, milk, an ice cream and a small chunk nasty jello. I even had an argument with a nurse as to if an ice cream bar has dairy in it and if it did, what the side effects would be if I had even a nibble of it. I don't remember her name, but there was ONE nurse who actually cared. She brought me an entire glass of ice chips as an apology for not doing the every three hour check up due to there having been an emergency in that wing. I was overjoyed that I was able to get some sleep in. She'd ask how I felt. She'd try to cheer me up. Hell, she asked why I was walking and offered to walk with me so I wouldn't be alone. She was that ear who would listen to what her coworkers were doing and try to make matters better. She was the ONE nurse who gave me an Advil for the pain. Unfortunately, she her days off where mostly on when I was there. She was utterly amazing. On the fourth day, the surgeon told me not to be a hero (for going without pain killers) and pulled out the STAPLES. They saved my life 2 years ago. Pretty sure they left something metal in me though. Metal detectors now hate me.

Rating: 3 /5

Amanda Peralta

My over night visit so far has been good... much better than my last over night visit at st Joseph. Dr. Cook from the ER was Awesome She was very helpful and caring to the situation at hand. ICU staff were great! POST EDITITED: had to take away a star do to this mornings episode. After staying the night with my child in the ICU i finally step out to relieve myself and get some coffee, wasn't even gone for 15 min. I tried entering the room but they would not let me in amd said that i had to come back at 8 due to "reports thst they had to do" which i new was bs! Now here i am waiting to see my minor child... they could of let me know before i left the room what was going to happen instead of refusing a parents right to see her child.....