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Consumer feedback about Manatee Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5


There is a policy where absolutely no visitors can story over night with adult patients. Not spouses, friends, relatives, no one. Absolutely not. This isn't for all parts of the hospital, but it's standard for most. Read some of the many studies that say that having people with a patient vastly improves recovery, Manatee Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Ashley Evangelista

My mom came here and while they were accomadating to our large family, there is NO communication between the nurses, doctors, and management. The first doctor that came in here and gave my mom her test results completely terrified her and showed no basic human compassion when telling her of her results. When he was telling her, even the nurses gave him looks in shock at his tone and voice. The lack of communication may not seem as such a big deal to some, but it seems as if nobody knows what’s going on when they come see her. This is terrifying enough without these people making it worse with uncertainty.

Rating: 1 /5

Pat Land

Have not had to personally use the hospital facilities since 1989, until the beginning of this month - Jan. Not sure if I would go back. Had a procedure performed in the endoscopy on the 11th of Jan. Some of the staff was rude and uncaring. In the process they managed to break one of my teeth off at the gum line. Then they said I did it myself. Imagine waking up with a missing tooth, and someone saying that you did it yourself. They apparently knew what happened, as they informed my doctors office. When I asked about them paying for my dental bill they declined saying they are not covered by insurance for that. They also claim that this is stated in the paperwork that you sign. Well how many of us get the opportunity to read the paperwork they stick in front of you, to sign just before the procedure is done? None the less one of the nurses was so rude even my son commented on her curtness. I do not know her name but she should not be working there with that type of attitude. One nurse, Delores, was so kind and caring you wanted to bring her home with you. So now I have a dental bill to go along with the bill for the procedure they did. Seems a bit unfair to me, don't want millions just a small refund to cover the cost that I am incurring. If I sued they would be paying me a whole lot more. May be worth the travel to Sarasota Memorial in the future if any procedures are needed.

Rating: 5 /5

Kathy Roche

A Big Thanks ❤ to the nurses and medical teams both in the Emergency Department and the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) for the wonderful and compassionate care they provided to my aunt Phyllis Colapietro, prior to her passing on February 13, 2018. I couldn't have asked for a better group of caring professionals to be with my aunt during her last days. A heartfelt thanks for all you do!! ❤💕

Rating: 2 /5

Vince Rossi

I've got to post here that I've recently been really upset with how I was treated. My mother had to goto the hospital and we choose Manatee Memorial for her artery and heart problems before so we figured we'd come back again since we had a great experience before. However this time things were different. I'm in my twenties, and my mom is in her 60s. I always always stay the night with her while shes in the hospital to help her out and keep her calm. This was never an issue before. In fact I've done it all five times she's been in this hospital. However this time I was told I had to leave before 8:00 PM. That I was no longer allowed to be here overnight. This really bothered me and it made my mother a nervous wreck. She doesn't do well on her own in hospitals but the nurses here didn't seem to care. One kind nurse told me she was fine with me staying all night but needed to check with a higher up nurse who told me no. In fact she made it sound like I was some weirdo for even wanting to do it. I was insulted as was my ma. This whole ordeal really shocks me. I just finished googling visitors staying all night at hospitals and everything I've read said this is a great thing. That it helps the nurses too because someone else can help the patient with small things like getting water for her and such. But I guess Manatee Memorial decided sometime ago that patients having guests stay isn't Worthwhile for whatever reason. And that's a shame because of that we will have to consider Sarasota or Blake next time we're in unless Manatee decides to change their policy back to allowing visitors stay with patients. It's sad too because otherwise we were very pleased with Manatee Memorial and the doctors are especially outstanding. Dr Sturm is a gem as usual.