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Consumer feedback about Manatee Memorial Hospital

Manatee Memorial Hospital
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2.9 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My mother was at the hospital for five days. Her care was professional and the employees were attentive to her needs.
She was seen by several specialist as well as an internist. They were all wonderful.
Her room was cleaned daily and the food quality was good.
No hospital is perfect, but Manatee certainly try’s hard to please.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

After multiple visits to Manatee Memorial ER, I had two separate heart procedures performed at Manatee Memorial in 2018. The cath lab is state of the art and the entire staff is professional, competent and compassionate. One of my procedures required that I spend the night. My room was excellent. Private, clean and comfortable. The food they served was delicious including the sandwich I enjoyed in the recovery room. They made a very scary time in my life much less fearful and the whole experience from ER visits to day-before registration to discharge was seamless. I also enjoyed a great billing experience with accurate statements and online bill-pay for my copays. Quick and easy. Manatee Memorial is my hospital and I do not hesitate to share this with anyone who asks.

Kalesha Carocci
Kalesha Carocci

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Had my Baby. Everyone has been Super Nice and Caring. Took Great care of me and my little one. ❤

Carol Link
Carol Link

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My 87 year old mother was quickly taken care of in and out 2 1/2 hours in ER last night. It's brand new and where the facility is amazing, there is only a drop off door parking lot attached to it, and the steel pylons to keep the building safe are close enough to almost not get a wheelchair through!

Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

I made so many mistakes in my life. I’m far from perfect. I’m not an entitled person either.
So, it is surely my fault to decide to stay here after my visa 10 years ago. My fault to be undocumented. My fault do not being able to be more successful. Sure.
I am also very unlucky to have got very, and still being very sick.
Now, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be this way.
On 02/06/2019 I was admitted into the ER, then released shortly after.
I went there and they even made up the reason for my visit. I never complained about chest pain, which was the reason of my visit according to them… I was there because I had and still have pressure on my chest. I can’t barely do anything, I can’t breathe well. Something is going on in my left lung, not sure what. Surely, they didn’t care at all, and that’s fine. Why would anyone have to pay for some illegal guy health costs? I agree.
The weird thing is to get an x-ray of my chest, while they insisted in keeping my clothes on. Also weird for the doctor to quickly “hear” my chest, also with my clothes on. They didn’t have any interest at all in helping me. And of course, I can imagine those orders coming from management.
Very sad the lack of empathy of these people. Now, the guy that did my x-ray, and the girl who inserted my IV, were absolutely nice awesome people. The doctor was nice, until she found out that I didn’t have insurance; and all with a beautiful smile 😊 And again, it is ok, nobody forced me to stay in the country, undocumented, and not being able to make enough money to pay the health insurance and drug industry, right?
Now, here it comes the saddest part that no one should experience:
So, at the Manatee Memorial Hospital ER, they call you by your age. My name was 39, just a number. No big deal.
But it was extremely painful to literally hear; “this guy has no ID, no insurance. Yeah, we have to get rid of him, we are going to release him. We are too busy tonight, we have a lot to do…” That surely was awfully painful. The fact that I am left to die over a disgusting broken system is really pathetic.
This is not even only about me. This is absolute mental sickness; letting people die over profit. It is me, it is the guy who works at Walmart and “makes too much money” to get Medicaid, and still unable to afford insurance. It is over 30% percent of the population that can’t receive or afford any medical care. Then the hospital will bill you five times more of what they will get paid from any insurance company. Again, it is absolute sickness. I don’t even know how these people can go to work and do this to people in need; to let them die, knowing…
The so-called public hospitals should lose their tax-exempt status, since they are all about making money at every front, and overcharging, and suing and garnishing wages of low-income uninsured people who can’t pay.
And here I am, very sick, unable to breath and soon probably not even able to rent my room due to not being able to work. I can’t even pay for the manatee rural services they suggested. Even to show up at the ER was hard for me. But who cares.
I surely went for a real emergency, but they didn’t care to find was making me not being able to breathe.
I can only imagine, must be amazing to have insurance.
Either way, God bless you all,
Daniel Sanchez

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