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Consumer feedback about Manchester Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Renee Choquette

Well I have had several experiences at this hospital. For the most part the staff was professional. But I have had a few that need to find a better suited career for them. Checking into the GI. The nurse Terri at the window is not cheerful or pleasant. Rude she called me my husband's ex wife's name on purpose and when I corrected her she smirked. No similarities between our names. On a different occasion I had been in the recovery room and in a lot of pain . The nurse told me to be quiet because she was doing her paperwork. I really don't care . You don't treat people with such disrespect. I had been there all day and my surgery was pushed back over 4 hours to wait , so yes I was anxious and no you didn't care.

Rating: 3 /5

Janice Dutram

My review is mixed. My doctor (Dr. Dua) is fantastic. I had a total knee replacement. He has done both surgeries. Each one was done at Manchester Memorial. The phycisian assistants, the physical therapists, the nurses and the aides were all competent, caring, and professional. I have only one complaint and that is the doctor who did the spinal block before surgery was lacking in skill. At one point a pain shot down my leg that felt like an electric probe had been stuck in there. My leg reflectively shot out. Anyway , I had the impression that the block usually wears off. But my foot is still numb. I am hoping that it is not permanent. That is the only reason I am not giving more stars.

Rating: 5 /5

Owen James

I know this might come off insensitive- but the Best times of my life were spent here, as my life became whole welcoming my 2 beautiful kids into the world with the wonderful staff of the the Family Birthing Center.

Rating: 1 /5

JasMin Semmler

I am currently on the phone with my brother waiting to be transported to Hartford hospital because they can't deal with his skull fracture, shoulder fractures, collarbone and ribs being broken. On the phone for 45 minutes with him to make sure he is alive! He is an alcoholic, yes! But he is bleeding from his ear.. this is unbelievable.. do not ever trust in this emergency room...

Rating: 1 /5


If I could give no stars I would. Poor service in The Er. I never even got to pass through the doors. Nurse on duty was rude as can be. I was bleeding from a nice wound and just needed stitches, sat for over an hour and a half. Asked when I would be seen. The nurses replied snotty "no beds and there won't be any time soon" now there are way better ways to service the public and this was one of the worst experiences I have seen. I checked myself out then got a bill for no service even disputed it they still want money. They are terrible don't even walk through the doors!!!!