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About The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center

The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is a hospital in Memorial City, Houston, Texas, the hospital opened in 1971 as Memorial City General Hospital before its name changes in 1988.
The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is licensed for
426 beds and serves over 25,000 patients each year.
The hospital features the Women’s Memorial Hermann and Children’s Memorial Hermann Houston’s first dedicated women’s and children’s facilities outside of the Texas Medical Center.
Services provided by the hospital include emergency services, heart institute, imaging, sleep, laboratory, outpatient clinics, and wound care center.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals

ICU Beds 60

Licensed Beds 444

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(269 reviews)

Theresa Williams

I have nothing but Thank yous from the emergency room staff to the admitting care team of doctors and nurses that are taking care of my brother. From the moment of entry into this hospital everyone has been extremely caring and attentive to his care and wellbeing. Everything is explained before it's carried out. They are so compassionate and loving. It takes people with Heart and Love for others to do what they do every day. May GOD continue to Bless you in your lives as you show the Love of JESUS CHRIST in your service to the patients who come in for care. And a big Thank you and hug to the ambulance crew for choosing to come here.

Edna Miggins

This was the hospital where my doctor would be performing my surgery, and my experience was nothing short of spectacular. I had to check in at 6am, and the ‘welcoming committee’ was very prompt and thorough. After being admitted, the nurses where I was getting prepped for surgery were the best-friendly, professional, and very thorough. My outpatient surgery ended up needing a stay, and I have to say, everyone, from the custodial staff to the nursing staff, was super at the their job. I never felt ignored, there were continuous checks to make sure I was ok, always courteous and professional. The facility itself was great! Every room I was in-from prep to overnight stay-was clean, updated, and had everything you needed. No one ever hopes to have to go to the hospital, but if you do and you can make your choice, this is definitely a place that should be your first choice.

Josie Anderson

I recently had a ER visit that lead to a 5 day hospital stay. I am happy to share that from the ER to the Neuro ICU every doctor, nurse and assistant were 100% professional. I would recommend this hospital to anyone I know. Keep up the great work! Do what you love it shows in your work.

Bri Welch

Spent 8 horrible hours here. 4 hours spent sitting in a waiting room in intense pain, 1 hour waiting to receive some sort of pain medication and every other spent waiting on one thing or another. Doctors and nurses seemed to not even really care about how I was even feeling. My doctor didn’t even really explain my diagnosis to me. I should’ve went somewhere else.

April Davis

My sister is diabetic and has a pretty extensive history as far as dealing with health issues. She was recently admitted into this hospital, and it has been terrible. Due to her multiple health issues, when something is serious enough for her to be admitted, she has to be monitored closely, because history has proven that her condition can go from stable to critical at any time, and while we don't claim or look for that to happen, we would still appreciate if the hospital staff would take that into consideration. My sister is on the 4th floor of the main building, and as I was getting ready to leave her last night the male nurse who was taking care of her promised me and my family that he would look after her and check on her often, and he did just that. However, this morning I was awakened by an upsetting call from my sister, she was vomiting violently and crying trying to get her words out. She managed to tell me that she was afraid because she wasn't feeling right and had been vomiting repeatedly for hours. Her night nurse had ended his shift an hour and a half before, and she hadn't seen another nurse since. She tried pushing the call button for the nurse and told me she had been waiting for at least 15 min for someone to respond, but no one did. It was not until 15 min after she called me and me trying to calm her down that someone finally responded. 30 min???? Unacceptable!!! Even after they responded, it still took at least another 10 min for the nurse to actually come in to see about her, and that was only because my mother had to literally call the hospital and raise hell to get someone in the room until one of us could get to her. My mother talked to the charge nurse on duty on the phone and she came up with every excuse as to why the nurse hadn't been in the room, and even lied and said the nurse checked on my sister 15 min prior, which we all knew was a complete lie because by that time I had been on the phone with my sister for at least 45 min, and I'm a witness that no one entered the room during that time. Then, after speaking with my mom, the charge nurse went into the room with my sister and wanted to speak with her. She asked her who she was speaking with on the phone as if it was any of her business, and when my sister told her she was talking to me (I've never met this nurse), she asked her to hang up the phone. For what??? All of this comes after other problems she's had during this visit alone, and this is the last straw. If you care for your loved ones, do not bring them to this hospital!!!