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About Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist Hospital located in Texas Medical Center is the main hospital of Houston Methodist, a nonprofit organization established in 1919 to serve the Greater Houston area with other hospitals as Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, and Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital.
Houston Methodist Hospital features 6 centers including the Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center, Lynda K. and David M. Underwood Center for Digestive Disorders research and treatment of digestive tract, and Women’s service center with maternal-fetal medicine doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies.

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(398 reviews)

Bill Darnall

My dad is in the Walter tower, on the neurological floor. The staff is unbelievably friendly, and the care is beyond excellent. They're taking great care of my mom who is staying in the room with him, I wouldn't want my parents to be anywhere else.

Pamela Jack

This facility and all staff from surgeons to those who meticulously ensured our room was clean were world class top notch 5 star to be sure. We were treated like treasured family. Staff endlessly went out of their way to make sure we were as comfortable as possible, which was challenging because we were there for full open heart surgery. Facilities were state of the art, and all personnel were knowledgeable and over the top friendly. If you need medical treatment and have the option to choose this facility, JUST DO IT. And, to the admin staff member who bought me dinner on July 1st, around 5:30 pm in the Marketplace, you will never know just how much your random act of kindness blessed me. God is good... All the time. Thank you!

Alexandra Gabitto

EDIT: I recently discovered a bad review was written on my behalf by an angry friend using my account for the Texas Children's Hospital which was NOT written by me. However, the words below, are in fact my own and I would deeply like to thank Methodist once again for their care. At the time that I fainted I was attempting to work two jobs (one of which was at TCH) and my body just couldn't handle it. I resigned of my own free will in large part because of that. I apologize for the mess and hold myself accountable for letting this happen when it shouldn't have. ---- I fainted on a gravel parking lot due to exhaustion/low blood pressure due to my attempts at trying to work a fast paced retail job on top of another fast paced retail job at Texas Children's Hospital even though I was clearly ill. I was thankfully wheeled into Methodist for an EKG and Cat Scan. Not only is it hard for machines to get a reading on my blood pressure, but drawing blood is almost always a problem. While the nurses who attended me failed to get a read they kindly used an ultrasound instead of poking me a thousand times with a needle which has happened many times in the past. They were also very responsive with my issues, especially considering the sheer amount of patients they already had to deal with. A definite 4/5 stars!

Tami Horton

Walters tower, 19th floor. No nurses to be found at 8pm. Walked the entire floor, (video) not 1 nurse. Heart Patient had to use restroom & pressed nurse button . No one showed up. Patient who cant walk, used plastic urinal & spilled it all over. Still no nurse 30 min later. After an unacceptable amount of time nurse shows up & says she didn't even know the nurse button was pushed. Where the hell were you. Not with other patients. How do you know when no one is at any of the stations on the floor. I called the floor, no answer. You go from ICU to this floor, make sure you have friend or family with you to care for you.

Kevin Martin

This place is a wreck. We are from cleveland came here due to an emergency the waiting room was disgusting and 60 degrees in addiction to the restrooms being filthy. Wife had to have a ct scan but they never could give us the results after waiting 6 hours. Had to leave to catch our flight only to call the next day and we must request the records which will take around 15 days. Glad to know if your wife has a brain eating bacteria you're left wondering for over 2 weeks. Avoid this place at all costs and go somewhere reputable. Don't bother sending me a bill we aren't paying.