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Consumer feedback about Mission Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Cindy Galbraith

My husband had a knee replacement 2 years ago at Mission Community Hospital and had a great experience from the staff to the facility itself. When the other knee needed replaced it was obvious the hospital we choice. Once again they did not disappoint thank you all for wonderful care. Special thanks to Dr Nassos, Conrad Yabut, Robert the chef and all the 2 floor staff job well done

Rating: 1 /5

Cindy torres

Would never go here again ! I had a very painful sharp pain on my right side I couldn't even walk. After waiting so long finally went in and the doctor met with me and was rude to me and my significant other as well. He told him I'm sorry are you the doctor for ahead. 2. He said I had to get surgery because it was appendicitis. 3. The Nurse poked me with the needle 5 times because she could find my vien and was moving it around. I told them I wanted to go so I left signed that paper of release. I went to Valley Presbyterian turns out I didn't even need surgery I had stones.

Rating: 1 /5

Manuel Cisneros

Worst hospital in my opinion the VA treats you way better. The receptionist are extremely rude and unprofessional I don’t understand why they have an “Emergency Room” yet they state not having room or beds while there are patients exerting the hospital Unless you are dying you should go to a different hospital Actually even if you are dying don’t go here because they will probably not admit you because they have “no beds” I have received better treatment at VA hospitals so that is really saying something about the poor quality of this place. And if you are from this hospital looking at comments you should probably dedicate sometime educating your staff on customer service

Rating: 1 /5

Michael Regilio

An employee is a thief and the administration does not care that they are stealing items from patients. Someone stole a iPhone from the room and when we reported it to security and administration they don't care at all. All they say is that it was not on inventory when they were taken into surgery. They are not allowed to take their possessions into surgery so items don't get on their paperwork. It's obvious that the employees know that this is the policy and that nothing will happen to them when they steal from the patients rooms. Would never recommend using this hospital as they don't care if patients items are stolen by their employees, and who know what else they allow them to get away with that would be illegal or unethical. Stay away from this place at all costs.

Rating: 1 /5

Jessica Hernandez

Been here since 1230. It’s now 9. Literally have been sitting in the er for the past 4 hours waiting to be discharged. All we need is for the IV needle to be taken...which the meds given stop 4 hrs ago. I asked multiple nurses what is it is we are waiting for to get released. My moms meds were administered and her blood pressure is now normal. The nurse responded multiple times “oh i don’t know what to do now.” Really? Are you a moron? I can’t believe this place is actually a running hospital. Don’t even get me started on the multiple OSHA and HIPAA violations I’ve witnessed. Please stay away...pray we get to leave soon!