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Consumer feedback about National Jewish Health

Rating: 5 /5

Erin Maison-Everhart

I love this medical facility. They're thorough, fast, and very kind and understanding. Just message sure you see a Dr. You're comfortable with, who listens to you. I have a new Dr. And I'm going to switch. She's been my only disabling experience. So I'm looking for a new one who'll listen and help, and who'll be consistent. Otherwise they're an A+!!!💜

Rating: 1 /5

Amanda A

I was sent downstairs from the pediatrics office to get insurance verification for an appointment that was a referral. The finance office clerk said the "system was down" and that is why my insurance wasn't verified. Then she told me to call my insurance. I finally had her call insurance, after she had me on my phone in her office on hold. The clerk should have just called in the first place. When she got off the phone with my insurance and called upstairs, the doctor had a already cancelled the appointment for my baby. "I was afraid of that." She said. Well, thanks for hiring people who are less than helpful. I am sure she was exceptional with sending the bill out for my "no show" that was due to her. I still have a baby allergic to something of which I kinow nothing about thanks to the cancelled appointment. Every mother loves taking off work to spend 1 1/2 hrs at a hospital with a 9 month old, only to miss the appointment due to the hospital's "system being down" and the finance office who won't call insurance companies. I am sure I will be getting a bill for this horrible experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Lisa Kelly

This hospital LOVES to waste my time. I tried to make an appointment to see the allergist for my infant. First they told me I had to get my daughters records myself, even though each hospital I spoke to told me that National Jewish contacts them all the time for records for new patients. Next they made me schedule an appointment and wait 1.5 hours just to ask a few questions that could have been answered by a nurse over the phone in about 5 minutes. Then I had to schedule a follow up appointment, that no joke, required me to call FOUR times (each time waiting on hold for about 15 minutes)...I would get a voicemail from the doc to make an appt and then when I called the special scheduling phone number nobody had any idea about what type of appointment my daughter needed and they told me they couldn't do anything without some sort of "order" the doc was supposed to submit into my daughters file. A hospital this large needs to have better processes in place, I, like millions of other parents, work M-F full time, when I make a doc appt for my child it requires jumping through a few hoops to adjust my work and childcare schedule - please respect my time, the same way you ask us to respect the time of your staff...don't make me come in for useless appointments that could have been phone calls and find a way to improve your scheduling process

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Steinke

This review is from an employee's perspective. This is not from a patient viewpoint. Hopefully the HR team can turn this into something positive for future hires. The doctor who runs Immunology and the Compliment Lab is an exceptional communicator and as low-stress as a leader can be under challenging conditions. This is the rare individual who truly listens to her staff. Everyone was sincere in welcoming me on board and I felt that I was joining something very special. Unfortunately my new hire experience was about as bad as it gets. There was no training and development plan in place whatsoever for new Compliment Lab project managers which is what I was contracted to do, a new SOFT LIS roll out which had some major architecture and user issues, very high stress levels in several areas and understaffed teams have to work long hours and weekends to catch up. My trainer was so slammed with heavy workloads that they honestly didn't have the time to properly train a new employee. I was really hoping to succeed in this role but feel like I was indirectly set up for failure from day one. Revenue from big pharma clients is the top priority and rules every decision the managers and marketing/sales teams make. This is one simple example of what happens when big money influences medicine and research, even in a nonprofit medical center like National Jewish Health. The NJ culture is very unique and really quite special, but just make sure that if you are invited to interview for a position that you have all of the hard questions written down in advance so that you can receive honest answers and hopefully succeed.

Rating: 5 /5


This was for a sleep study. However, the staff and personnel were all professional and as well trained and knowledgeable as they were in 1980 when I stayed here for a few months for asthma treatment.