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1409 E Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030, USA
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Consumer feedback about North Vista Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

bernard best

This is the worst hospital I have ever been too. I was sent there by the ambulance company and I have a severe case of high blood pressure. While I was there for six hours, I was begging them for some blood pressure medication and no one in the hospital would give me any! While I'm waiting my blood pressure is rising and I'm yelling for medication because now I'm losing eyesight, but no medication at all!!! After six hours of nothing, I got up and decided to check myself out and go to another hospital which immediately gave me medication and stabled me. then The asian nurse tried to give me a nasty attitude because I was checking myself out. How unprofessional just because you are not doing your job and you are basically letting a patient in your care suffer. You should be ashamed of yourselves as doctors. Well to put it blunt, this is the worst place ever in my life I went too and they should be shut-down. L. Swan

Rating: 5 /5

Chris DeMarco

Boy has this hospital changed. Someone change the culture of this hospital for the better. On Monday at 5:30 AM I entered the hospital and approached the admissions desk. Melissa could not have been more friendly and patient. She went above and beyond to answer every question I had, and walk me to my next destination. She saw me walk by and stopped me as I left and wanted to make sure that everything was taken care of properly. This lady is an absolute amazing representative of this hospital. She's obviously been doing this a while. She gave me the service I deserve as a patient and customer. She even remembered me on Wednesday the day of my surgery. Amazing! My surgery could not have went smoother. The entire staff at this hospital could not have been more accommodating to my needs. I am born and raised in Las Vegas at 52 years old this was the best hospital experience I had ever had in Las Vegas. I hope I never have to go to the hospital again but if I do vista will be my choice.

Rating: 1 /5

Black Shadow

I really wish there’s less than one star. My mom been here for over 75 days till this moment and 75% from the nurses don’t give a shit, so of course they gonna do crappy job, I just walked to mom to see her about to melt down from the heat while she’s in coma and having s weak heart and she manage to cough and show the sadness on her face Her temperature was over 1.05 with blinds close and she was covered, when I asked the nurse her simple answer was she’s fine and it’s ok to cover her, heartless *+€** and on top of that she having the attitude instead of her showing that she’s care about dealing with people By looking at the comments about this hospital and experience everything myself I vote for this hospital to be ANIMEL’S hospital, just move 5 nurses from the second flower and turn to animals hospital cuz they’re good to deal only with that or maybe animals is too much for them I had to call the hospital managements and call the news just to make dr tam and dr sindhu talk to me and when dr sindhu did he came fighting us in the room and have to kick him out and call the charge nurse on him, dr tam decide to call me 5:30am-6am, no later than 6am just cuz I pushed on her to keep me updated, and I wish she do, every here and there I have to start leaving notes for her just to call me even at 6am, and this is many and many of stories and a lot of witnesses on all of that

Rating: 1 /5

Suzie sellers

I wish I could put 0! This hospital is horrible. It’s dirty the staff is patronizing and condescending. I came in with my sister for an ultrasound to see what was wrong with her baby. They put us in a room with all the storage and a used to be shower room. Said at first that me and my niece and other sister couldn’t come back with our sister then finally let us back. Seeing this terrible service I looked at the reviews and I’m just smh we aren’t the only ones to witness such terrible service. We will be sure to NEVER COME BACK!

Rating: 5 /5

Diane Faehnrich

Awesome hospital and wonderful staff! We were here from Ohio to see family and my 93 year old mom was having chest pains. They got her right in and then admitted her within 2 hours. All ER staff was very nice and kind. Wonder people!