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79 Middleville Rd, Northport, NY 11768, United States
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Consumer feedback about Northport Va Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Rich B

I have been using Northport for several years. Never a problem. I moved to NC. 8 months ago. I called Fayetteville VA 6 times to get a new primary care Dr. They never answered the phone at eligibility, only answer machine if that was on. Left messages every time. Never one call back. The worst ever. So I called Durham an extra 45 miles further. After several calls I was told they will call me back. They did but had no appointments. All I wanted was to be assigned a primary doctor. They sent me to Vets Choice I said fine. 30 days later the vets choice called and said had no Drs near me BS. They then assigned me to a VA hospital 155 miles from my home. Are they kidding? I called Northport explained how its been 7 months trying to get a doctor. With no luck. I told them we would be back in NY on certain dates and they gave me two appointments for the same day with different clinics. Just kept calling Durham VA and finally got an appointment in FEBRUARY Northport VA people are the best!! The VA heads should see what Northport does and demand the other hospitals do the same.

Rating: 1 /5

daniel galfano

Been here 5 times to try and diagnose what issues I'm having, every time they get it wrong. Currently waiting on an appointment scheduled for 2:10pm and it's 3pm. Older Veteran just got up and asked why he's not seen after an hour and a half wait, gets told be patient you'll be seen when you get seen. Secretaries in Quad 2H working on 11/29 should be fired. They started insulting the man while sitting behind a desk. Male says I should just jump over this desk and continues to tell story about how he once got threatened by a veteran with a shotgun. Rude, uneducated, unprofessional, and most importantly can't get it right. You'd probably get treated better if you went to a 3rd world country. They want to perform surgeries to get the students from stony brook university through school. I got cleared from hernia but they told me to come in for pre surgery. I explained I was cleared of hernia but they insisted I go through with it. I have nothing better to do because I'm still sitting here waiting. They just started the 2pm appointments and are hopeful they'll be able to see the 2:10 appointments. 3:20 and keeping my fingers crossed.

Rating: 5 /5

Larry Heitefuss

I have been in many hospitals in the past 30 yrs and will put the VA on top everytime, Jean in cardio is 2nd to none

Rating: 1 /5


This dav transportation system is a nitemare i make appointments for 2 weeks out set up date for pickup no one shows up this is not the first time it has happened perfect example yesterday spoke to VA trans for appt on Oct 6thth verified also for the 19th and 20th of sept said i was in the system for the 19th to be picked up no one called no one showed up then couldn't find the 20th which i did 2 weeks ago so he put it in for the 20th which i am sure no one will show up again every time they dont show up they are in dangering vets and when you call them because no one showed up its basically sorry tough luck drivers determine who gets picked up and called i guess these drivers are qualified doctors who determines who lives and dies i realize that most are old retired vets who are volunteers but if they cant handle the job and the way some drive are dangerous they shouldn't be doing it need to find a better way and the dav tran phone network is a joke

Rating: 4 /5

Jesse Rivera

Here is my analysis of the Northport VA Medical Center, based on my own personal experiences... THE PROS: 1) The ER staff at the VA is always kind and, courteous, and professional (and oftentimes a bit entertaining!). 2) The typical wait time in the ER is significantly shorter at the VA than the typical wait time in the ER at most private hospitals. I have waited 3-4 hours for treatment in the ER at Good Sam and LIJ on numerous occasions, however, never have I ever had this issue at the VA. 3) The Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation counselors at the VA are caring and on point, and will go out of their way to help veterans find meaningful work with a respectable wage. 4) There is a decent library with Wi-Fi and internet access at the VA for those that need it. Did I also mention most of the VA campus has Wi-Fi? 5) The pool at the VA is heated and available to veterans for recreational swimming, need I say more? 6) Most doctors at the VA are much more laid back, friendly, and understanding than the private sector doctors I have previously encountered. 7) There are plenty of events going on at the VA on a regular basis to you well-informed and entertained (e.g. the "Veteran's Stand-Downs", and the Summer concert series every Wednesday, to name a few). 8) The VA host tons of activities on-campus that available to veterans on a daily basis, including: swimming, kayaking, archery, music lessons, and painting. THE CONS: 1) The VA has yet to adapt and update its hours of operation in light of the fact that most of our nations OEF/OIF/OND cannot get treatment during the day due to work, school, or familial obligations. Nighttime and Saturday availability in key clinics could adequately address this issue going forward. 2) Why isn't a schedule for all of the VA's recreational programs (e.g. swimming, kayaking, archery, music lessons, and painting) posted to the VA website? Posting this schedule to the VA website is a no brainer if the VA wants the programs to have better attendance, it would also help to bring younger veterans into the fold at the VA which helps to ensure future funding when older veteran's begin to "age out". 3) Some of the buildings at the VA are old, outdated, and in disrepair. They should obtain funding to build brand new buildings and not waste any money trying to repair the existing buildings.