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609 W Maple Ave, Springdale, AR 72764, USA
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Consumer feedback about Northwest Medical Center-Springdale

Rating: 1 /5

Sarah L

Understaffed and the admin nurse was rude and very short. Also, this hospital expected us to pay our $1,000+ medical bill in full. When we did not, we received continuous threatening letters from them even though I was making continuous monthly payments. At one point we even received a letter saying my payments were okay and that I could continue paying like that, but then the next month, they said I wasn’t approved to make payments like I was doing. You’d think they’d have something better to do with their time other than harass someone that is obviously paying off their bill. If I never made a payment, that would be understandable, but I was paying every month. I do the same thing at Washington Regional and never get harassed like this. I won’t be going back to this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Zebelle Aeko

had a recent visit to the ER. the first person I spoke to was the warm and friendly receptionist. next was the cold nurse or whatever she was who asked why I was thr n took my vitals. very rude and made me feel unwelcome. the room I was taken to was disgusting. dried blood on the side of the bed, stains on the chairs, dried gooey droplets on the floor. the nurse left my urine container standing for almost an hour before she finally took it, and hardly checked up on me. I would never want to come here ever again.

Rating: 1 /5

Robin Burcham

Soooo under staffed. We were there to support a friend who had surgery. They gave her the wrong time to be there for starters. The surgery seems fine for now. They were unable to move her from recovery to a room so her husband could be with her. It took them 4.5 hours to find her a room. They told us it would be one hour. The reason given- not enough staff to clean the rooms or enough nurses to take care of the patience.

Rating: 1 /5

Lisa Burton

WORST hospital I've ever known ...staff is rude...environment is is thing about that place is the physician' poor mother will NEVER be brought here again...4th floor has a so called"nurse" named Bill...what a nightmare...apparently one is not allowed to ask for any help according to certain nurses and if you do you are immediately yelled at and told you have no right....would rather slap a diaper on a grown person then help them to the restroom....clamped off iv medication and when asked about it nurse said "my bad...i did that and i guess i forgot to unclamp it."....what has our healthcare system come to that these things are allowed to happen here in America..treating our elderly with such disrespect....

Rating: 5 /5

Jo Stephens

The care was excellent and the food greatly improved, Good doctors, nurses Nd therapists. They listen to you and double check medications and treatments every time they come in