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Consumer feedback about Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Jocelyn Williams

In the emergency room right now and have been here for 6 hours. When I asked for an administrator they came and told me that they were busy and there is nothing that they could do as I'm sitting in pain for 6 hours. I will never come back here again. I would sooner die than to come back here. As this is going on as nurses are in the hallways talking and laughing. I also seen some dancing. I have video to prove it. This is not what healthcare should be like. Also when u ask any question everyone has an attitude. Never again.

Rating: 5 /5

Martha Lineberger

Was in the ER this morning as a patient and received excellent service from every.single.staff member that assisted. I have spent many hours in an ER( at a hospital in another area) with my mom before she passed. This is by fair the best experience ever. They immediately followed protocol for the symptoms I was exhibiting and the doctor took the time to fully explain what I was experiencing and what to expect going forward. I just can't say enough nice things about them. I hesitate to use names here but should I get a Novant survey they will be praised individually for expertise as well as attitude and compassion. Thank you!

Rating: 5 /5

Bonnie Stafford

Have been to this facility ER twice and had surgery. I was cared for compassionately and professionally. I have seen several bad comments...Just because people are not seen as quickly as they think they should be, they complain. I needed to be seen in the ERand waited 4 hours, so what.... . There were ambulances coming in with life threatening issues. They DO NOT see you by who got there first, it's a priority for trauma, etc. ER's are just that - For Emergency's. NOT a take yourself in because you just don't feel well and did not want to miss work. Put yourself in their shoes.... WHO goes first. Life threatening issue or the sniffles..... enough said.

Rating: 1 /5

Brohan Funes

DO NOT GO HERE FOR MENTAL HEALTH. Their practices are a one-size-fits-all disaster. The staff do not care about you whatsoever. They will put anxious individuals who had a random outburst and need comforting in a toxic environment alongside paranoid schizophrenic and other violent mentally ill individuals. They do not set clear expectations of what treatment will look like and a timeframe. I was there for two days before I even saw a psychiatrist. The staff will take forever to ever assist you with any accommodation you request. Also, the food is horrible.

Rating: 1 /5

Cassius Bronson

Terrible place. Doctor didn’t seem to care about his life or mine. Nurses were more concerned with sitting at the front talking about what to name their new dog and hair do’s than what I needed. After the doctor came in and told me the results of my test, he just walked out and didn’t say if I could go home or anything. Then I was left for half an hour with a needle sticking out of my arm with no IV hooked up. EKG electrodes and wires were stuck to my body and hanging off everywhere but not hooked up to a machine. Instead of the nurses coming in and removing these unpleasant extensions from my body, they continued to chat at the front desk until I literally got up and asked them to. The problem with healthcare is that there is no “care” anymore. This place is a prime example of that. They simply do not care about the patients, just a paycheck and their personal lives.