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180 Rowland Way, Novato, CA 94945, USA
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Consumer feedback about Novato Community Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Ofa Hemoana

On January 27th at 9.25pm I brought my Dad in to the ER from shortness of breath and coughing nonstop. To my surprised the doctors and nurses started working on him right away, to Dr. King and there was another Dr that was there too who were helping my dad, I thank you all for being there for my Dad that night, I don't know what I will do without you guys being there to save his life. I thought I will never get to see my Dad againπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜”. But I thank the Lord for this doctors and nurses they were an angels saving my Dad. He was on life-support for 3 days at the ICU. I wanna thank the ICU RN Rick for taking good care of my dad from the first day he was admitted at the ICU and also for comforting me and my sister that he was gonna be OK, for us to have a rest and come back in the morning. I really love❀😍 the way they treated us from the ER to the ICU and to pavilion Care. First time my experience a Hospital like this to have good and loving people who cared for there patients and families. To the RN Ronnie and Anja thank you so much for all your help and taking care of my Dad, I really appreciated it, I almost forgot the supervisor RN at the nursing station I have forgotten her name she was so sweet and nice to me. To the PT, social worker that came by and gave us information thank you❀😘. Im so sorry for those that i did not mention there names, i Appreciated you all, there were a lot of Doctors coming in and out to see my Dad. Just because I was worried about my Dad I didn't get hold on all of there names. Today my dad is back again feeling well and driving around doing his normal routine like he never had any pneumonia at all.THANK YOU SO MUCH NOVATO SUTTER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL.... you are the BestπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’œβ­β­β­β­β­..!!

Rating: 5 /5

Alexey Silin

Very knowledgable staff, hassle-free emergency, they took care of my mom-in-law. I only wish we didn't have to spend 4 hours there out of which we spend 3.5 hours waiting for nurses or doctor to tell us what's next. Maybe they just waited for medicine to work but I wish we didn't feel like they just forgot about us. Anyway, I am happy when they were there, everything went very professional. thank you

Rating: 1 /5

Marie Roark

The doctors there are rude and unprofessional. From the ER doctor's blatant incompetence to the doctor's on staff displaying on going rudeness, I am surprised that they are still in business. Their only positive feature is the thoughtfulness of the nursing staff, but the nurses are governed by the doctor's, so there is only so much they can do to help a suffering patient. The worst part is that this hospital is known for prematurely releasing patients before the patient is mom was one of those patients. The doctor actually yelled at her and told her that she needed to go home and made her feel like she had no reason being there. Despite the fact that she had a body full of water and was in critical condition when I brought her in. Thankfully, her main doctor over saw her case, otherwise I don't know if she would have pulled through. I will not take her there again!

Rating: 1 /5


HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE: Dr. Patricia K, MD AND THE NIGHT SHIFT STAFF HAD TO BE ONE OF THE WORST NIGHTMARES OF ALL TIME I AM A WHISTLE BLOWER LITTLE DO THEY KNOW! LET ME SEE YOU DOING SOMETHING UNETHICALLY WRONG AND I WILL TELL! DR PATRICIA SET AND ATMOSPHERE OF RUDENESS UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR IN THE E.R. MY VISIT WAS A CHAIN OF BAD BEDSIDE SERVICE PREMATURELY DISCHARGE TO SOON ALMOST FELL WHEN LEAVING AND WAS INSTRUCTED BY STAFF TO RETURN TO MY BED. FEW MINUTES LATER ME AND MY FIFTEEN YEAR OLD WAS GREETED BY HOSPITAL SECURITY INFORMING ME I HAD TO LEAVE DUE TO THE FACT THAT I HAD BEEN DISCHARGE. THE OTHER PT. NEXT TO ME WAS IN SHOCK SUCH AS I WAS. I EXPLAINED WITH TEARS IN MY EYES THAT I WAS STILL IN PAIN AND WAS INSTRUCTED TO RETURN TO MY BED. HE BEWILDER AND WENT AWAY TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE WITH THE NURSING STAFF WHICH WAS ENJOYING THIS UNETHICAL UNGODLY BEHAVIOR THIS DR. HAD SET. THE PT. NEXT TO ME ASKED THE NURSE WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING TO ME THE NURSE STATED " YOU NEED TO STAY OUT OF IT AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB VERY RUDELY I MIGHT ADD. DR. PATRICIA BRUENS APPEARED TO ATTEND TO THE PT. NEXT TO ME AND WHEN SHE HAD FINISH I HAD TO LOUDLY CRY OUT DOCTOR DOCTOR BRUENS WHAT IS GOING ON SHE TURNED TO ME TO TELL ME " THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU WE ARE TO BUSY AND WE NEED YOUR BED" AND DOCTOR'S COAT SWUNG AROUND AND AS SHE LEFT ME THERE IN PAIN. I WAS ABLE TO LEAVE A COMPLAINT WITH THE NURSING SUPERVISOR WHO INFORMED ME HE WOULD FOLLOW UP WITH THE CHIEF OF THE EMERGENCY ROOM DR. GEE, KIM FRENCH RN. MANGER, KIM LUBAS RISK MANGER C&E KIM SPARACIO ?? I AM LEAVING THESE NAME SO YOU TO CAN LEAVE A FORMAL COMPLAINT. IN CLOSING I FOUND DR. BRUENS WAS VERY CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE IN HER BEHAVIOR WHICH GIVES ME A VERY STRONG IMPRESSION I AM NOT THE FIRST SHE HAS DISPLAYED THIS UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR WITH. SO MANY PEOPLE WALK AWAY ALLOWING THIS BEHAVIOR TO GO UNADDRESSED AND ONE BAD EXPERIENCE LOWER THE STANDARD OF THE WHOLE ORGANIZATION. SIGNED AN IN PAIN HOMOSPAIEN SPAIEN 5.0 star rating 8/27/2017 Updated review This is a follow-up to my experience with my previous visit at Novato Sutter Community Hospital Emergency Room Department. I alway want to use YELP for good reviews only, not for a negative experience. I returned back to the E.R. still in pain the following morning. I had spoken to someone from administrative staff department to inform them I would be returning and a recap of what had happened the previous night. I have to tell you this was a true night and day experience. I want to let you know not only was I treated as a Human with something wrong in the eyes of science also with empathy. Every Administrative person that need to address my complaint was in my examing room. I was so impressed with the fast follow-up response to the behavior of that doctor it was truly the business side of management. I truly believe they heard every word I was saying. My Dr. Osugl, Andrew was absolutely amazing to believe it or not what the previous Dr. put me and my son through caused another issue that needed to be addressed as well and he did just that. I felt a lot better leaving like I should have the night before. My replay of the steps to prepare for my trip to the E.R. $$ call Lift to take me there $$ Lift to take me home. both times. This time it was worth every penny. I have two cars was unsure if I was going to have to stay I had to prepare. I am glad I returned back to my Community hospital it might be small but the Administrative Staff is very Professional. I can only say this. "One bad experience can cause a chain of bad ratings to a company: word of mouth, social media, videos, and pictures. All because of a person who has been allowed to behave in this manner and we the people not speaking up to give the company a chance to correct the problem. Well, I strongly believe in our Hospital and I am thankful they will be addressing the issue. If you ever need to feel safe the hospital and the church should be the two. When you have worked in a hospital over 10 years you know how you and anyone else should be treated

Rating: 4 /5

Amy Schroll

3/1/2015 My sister was taken to Novato Community ER just over a week ago. When I arrived with my husband an hour later, my parents and her husband were already there. It's still really hard to think about, but I remember how kind the staff attending to her was. They touched our arms, hugged us, moved silently around our teary faces to help her, and honestly explained what we were facing. A doctor came in and they quietly placed chairs behind us - that's never a good sign - and the news was not good. I spent the next couple of days next to her side, holding her hand and saying my goodbyes to a beautiful 31 year woman, daughter, sister, wife, and best friend. The staff was so helpful. Our family was provided with a private room nearby with a couple of couches and a fridge, and they happily buzzed us through the security door to ICU at all hours. They kept the coffee full, put cookies out, and cleaned up the room when we weren't in there. I believe someone brought hot breakfast to my mom the first morning. The hospital chaplain was very nice and prayed with us. Security helped us find places we needed to go. The organ donation representative was extremely kind and informative. My little sister would be able to help save so many lives with her donations since she was so young and healthy. The woman was really wonderful and made us see something positive about the horribly tragic accident. I sobbed, wept, and wailed for days straight - they never asked me to step out or regain control of my emotions. They allowed me to grieve, even though I was probably terrifying all the other ER patients. Staff was so incredibly wonderful. I said my last goodbye on Thursday and braided her pretty blonde hair. I cut off a braid and her husband asked me for it - so I wanted to turn her head and braid a piece on the other side for myself. I asked a woman outside the room if it was okay to move her head without disrupting the life support. She coldly said she could "get a nurse" to help me with that. Maybe she was a doctor? Her tone was pretty condescending. My husband also asked a question about getting coffee refilled. This had been the hardest day for me yet - I had not eaten in two days and the coffee was the only thing keeping me awake on my feet. She curtly said "Hair. Coffee. Anything else you're going to need?!" Oh, I'm sorry - am I being too needy? Are you having a bad day? I gave my sister a final kiss goodbye and we went home. Without coffee. The ladies at the information desk downstairs and the woman in the gift shop were all really sweet too. My Aunt bought three angels in the shop. One for my mother, one for me, and one that Dana was buried with, holding it between her hands. Thank you for being so kind to us at the most difficult time of our lives. Almost all of the people who we dealt with seemed more like angels themselves. What a hard job it must be at times. Thanks for being the loving hands that do your difficult job and help heal others every day. Your smiles and positive attitudes go further than you could ever know.